The Silent Revolution of the Heart: The Challenge for the 21st century

    From fear to love, from darkness to light and from separation to wholeness

    The challenge for the 21st century is
    The silent revolution of the heart.

    It is not a revolution within an organization
    or a land in the traditional sense with violence, madness
    and blood shed. It is a revolution in human consciousness.

    In society today there exists a deep split
    between the inner and outer world, between intellect and intuition,
    between male and female qualities, between rest and activity
    and between outer knowledge and inner wisdom. There is a fast
    technological development in the society, but we seem to forget the most important
    factor: our self.

    The 21st century means an inner awakening. It means a time to grow up. Many people
    talk about spirituality, meditation and inner development, but it does not seem to
    change their lives. Our spiritual development depends on our commitment to our own
    development. We can use our free will to take on the challenge of life to grow or
    we can choose not to grow. This is the freedom that life gives us, and it is our
    own responsibility, but it seems that few people accept life’s challenge to grow.

    The 21st century represents a choice between the separation of ego and the vision
    of the heart. The silent revolution of the heart is a shift in human consciousness
    from the short-sighted perspective of the ego of "me" and "mine"
    to the focus of the heart on love and the needs of the other. It is a shift in consciousness
    from the shortsighted separation of the ego and endless desires to the vision of
    the heart of love, joy, belongingness, wisdom and wholeness. When we follow the way
    of the ego, the path of desire, it leads to struggle, conflict, exhaustion and separation
    from the Whole. The way of the heart is about learning to listen to our heart, to
    our inner source of love, joy, truth and wisdom. It is to be in deep harmony with

    When our heart is closed, it creates an isolated and lonely feeling with the attitude:
    "Nobody loves me," "Nobody cares about me" and "Life is
    a struggle," which makes us not see the love that is all around us.

    It is when we open our heart
    that we discover a sense of unity in love with other people,
    with the trees, with nature, with the sea and with the sky.

    This is the silent revolution of the heart.
    The human heart is the solution
    to the problems of the world.

    The human heart contains all the answers.
    The human heart has the capacity to expand
    and embrace the whole earth.

    Exercise: The Silent revolution of the Heart
    How do you consider your place in the world? What can you offer this year to create
    a more loving, creative and beautiful world? How can the world change this year as
    a result of your creativity? Will the world be a more loving, creative and beautiful
    place as a result of your creativity? What can you bring to the world this year that
    demonstrates your love, joy, compassion, silence and wisdom? The situation in the
    world lies in the hands of the intelligent and creative people. Imagine a world in
    love, peace and harmony. See what is needed during this year to realize this vision.
    See what you can contribute with to realize this vision during this year.

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    Swami Dhyan Giten was trained in modern psychology at the University of Stockholm, and in Eastern methods for awareness and meditation in USA, Italy, Sweden and India. He has 22 years of experience in individual counseling and in teaching awareness. He works internationally with seminars, courses and longer development programs in the areas of: awareness, meditation, intuition, relationships, inner man/inner woman, healing, creativity, The Sacred Yes -- The Art of Spiritual Healing and Presence -- Working from Within: Working with people from love & awareness. Giten's work has been compared with the poetry of Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet. His new book, The Silent Whisperings of the Heart -- A Collection of Quotes from Giten -- soon will be published by The Mandala Press. For pre-orders, visit Visit Giten's World -- A School for the Heart, at Copyright



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