A Christmas Message: Be a True Christ-One


    This is my Christmas Song to you, that by daily meditation you so prepare the cradle of your consciousness that you behold the Infinite Baby Christ laid there anew. During this holy season, pray deep and long until every day becomes a true Christmas occasion of divine communion.

    Spiritualize the social ceremonious celebration around the Christmas tree of material gifts by exchanging with one another, and with all true souls in a spirit of universal brotherhood, spiritual gifts of soul qualities: love, peace, forgiveness and joy.

    Kindle in the fireplace of patriotism a glamorous light of love for all nations of the earth to drive away the gloom of wars and misunderstandings. As a true Christ’s son, make a solemn vow within: "I will love all God’s people as I love my own people."

    Live Christ’s unifying influence at home, in business, in the church, in society, in politics, in international understanding; and Lord Jesus will be with you. You will be a Christ-ian – a Christ-one – one with Christ.

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    Paramahansa Yogananda
    Paramahansa Yogananda inaugurated the custom of holding an all-day Christmas meditation at the international headquarters of his society, Self-Realization Fellowship, to experience the true meaning of Christmas — the awakening of the Christ Consciousness (the universal cosmic intelligence of Spirit everywhere present in creation). He is the author of The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You (Self-Realization Fellowship, www.yogananda.org). Reprinted with permission.


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