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New Bleep material: The most complete offering of material related to the indie-film phenomenon What the Bleep Do We Know!? – 13 hours of interviews and information focused on the convergence of science and spirituality – much of it developed by filmmaker Will Arntz in response to criticism of the original film’s content as "new age fuzzy science, is now available in the quantum Edition of What the Bleep Do We Know!? Down the Rabbit Hole. This package, the final version of the Bleep material, includes scientific interviews, animation, Q & A with the filmmakers, and a randomizer feature that let’s the viewer see a "new" movie every time the film is watched, the first of its kind on DVD. This is a collector’s edition and a great gift for any Bleep aficionado. Available for $19.99 at www.bleepstore.com.

New Green coupons: The new 2007 release of Blue Sky Guide: Local Coupons + Ideas for Living Well in the Twin Cities, is now available as a thoughtful and valuable gift for the holidays. Published annually since 2001 by Celilo Group Media, Blue Sky Guide is a one-of-a-kind local resource – a coupon book, a directory, and a source of ideas and inspiration for living well and having fun in our community. Featuring discounts for organic food and dining, arts and culture, green home and gardening, travel, recreation, and more, Blue Sky Guide users can save hundreds of dollars while exploring our community and supporting local, sustainable businesses – all year long. Those receiving Blue Sky Guide as a gift will discover fresh content, new resources and more than 300 coupons – including light rail/bus passes from Metro Transit; $5 off at Whole Foods, Kowalski’s Markets and many local Natural Food Co-ops; free organic tortilla chips and salsa at Lunds and Byerly’s; discounts on Timberwolves and Minnesota Thunder tickets; and 50% off a companion fare when traveling on Amtrak. Nearly all coupons in the 2007 Blue Sky Guide are valid through November 2007.

New peace bonds: In the spring of 2003, Nonviolent Peaceforce first issued its Peace Bonds to support unarmed peacekeeping work in violent areas around the world. Some of the work the peace teams are involved with includes accompanying mothers to retrieve their children who have been abducted as child soldiers and monitoring elections. Peace Bonds are a gift to support those teams who stand in our stead to defend vulnerable people. Purchase a Peace Bond in the name of someone you love this holiday season. The purchase of a Peace Bond represents a donation to the Nonviolent Peaceforce. The bearer will receive no monetary return for such bond. Go to www.buypeacebonds.org. The following are Nonviolent Peaceforce chapters in Minnesota: Mary Lou Ott in the Twin Cities (612-871-0005), and Donna Howard in Duluth (218-724-0169).

New transformation: Twin Cities channeler and two-time Edge Life Expo speaker Lynn Young has released her first book, Being: Transformation Begins With…," which reminds us that the spiritual journey began at the moment of our birth – the moment when we were the closest to God. The journey is a quest to return to that union with God. Channeling "G," an omniscient being of divine light, Lynn is a vehicle for important information on God’s divine plan, on intention and how to use it, and on how to overcome judgment and fear. Being is a book that combines the lessons Lynn has learned along with direct question-and-answer sessions with "G." For copies of Being ($17.95 in the U.S.), contact Master Path Publishing at (952) 465-8034.

More on The Secret: Now accompanying the phenomenal film that is changing millions of lives around the world, The Secret, is the book and four-CD audio set by Rhonda Byrne, creator and executive producer of The Secret. For a short time, both the book and audio CD set are available through Edge Life. As seen at Edge Life Expo, both items are wonderful gifts for the holiday. the book is available for $23.95 and CDs for $29.95, with shipping additional. Call today at (763) 433-9291 or toll-free 1 (866) 809-8080. By applying The Secret, 24 great leaders and thinkers of our time present instances of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles and achieving what many would regard as impossible. The roster of teachers in the film include scientists, inventors, psychologists, business people, doctors, theologians, economists, best selling authors and philosophers including Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, John Assaraf, Dr. John Gray, Lisa Nichols and Dr. Joe Vitale – all people who have gained insight about this profound yet simple secret. They explain The Secret and its application in various areas of life, from health and wealth to career and relationships. For those still wanting to view the film, The Secret, it will be available in December to all subscribers of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, America’s fastest growing DVD club specializing in uplifting and inspiring films. For a limited time, as a special offer for the month of December, new subscribers to The Circle can receive a free trial membership (you pay just $4.95 shipping) by visiting; www.spiritualcinemacircle.com/secret or by calling 1 (800) 566-0129. For more information on The Secret, visit http://whatisthesecret.tv.

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