Auricular Therapy: An Amazingly Accurate System Of Healing


    Imagine if you had a port on the side of your head where you could plug in a monitor to see exactly what was wrong with any part in the body, and a keyboard where you could input information to signal to the body how to heal itself. Well, we do have such an interface: the auricle or outer surface of the ear.

    Prior to 1956, the Chinese had only three acupuncture points on the ear; now there are more than 100. Dr. Nogier of France was the first to do research on auriculotherapy. He had a number of gypsy patients who all had the same scar on their ears. When questioned, they told him that when they had bad sciatic pain, their folk healer would burn a point on their ear and their back pain would disappear forever. He used that information to start plotting a map of the entire body on the ear, which ended up looking like an inverted fetus, with the head in the ear lobe and the feet on top.

    Since then, Dr. Nogier and others have helped put together not one, but three different maps of the body on the ear. Practitioners of auricular therapy examine the surface of the ear visually for any discolorations or abnormalities. They apply pressure to see which points are sensitive and use devices to check for higher electrical conductance on the points. The points can then be treated with a metal pellet or seed taped to the points, with a needle, a laser or electrical currents.

    Dr. Nogier made a further discovery, which helped him create an advanced form of auricular therapy. He found that if you go over an active point on the ear while holding the person’s wrist pulse, there would be a change in the pulse. He devised a system where you would put samples of different material on a tray connected to the person by a wire, and see how the points on the ear would respond. For instance, you might put sugar on the tray and then a pancreas point would show up on the ear. You could treat the point with a needle or laser or other device or you could put a sample of a material that would help the pancreas, let’s say chromium, and the point would show to be balanced.

    Thus, you have a complete system that can find out exactly which organs, glands or tissues are out of balance, treat those body parts via the ear, via nerves from the ear to the brain to the body, or find what substance, when taken by the body, whether herbs, homeopathy or supplements, will bring healing to the body. You can also find out what disturbs or benefits the system, such as food sensitivities or healing foods.

    The beautiful thing about this system of healing is that it is totally custom made for the individual. The ear is like a computer that can look into the body and tell very accurately how the person can heal. The points can be treated to stimulate the body to self-repair or they can indicate, along with the pulse, what substance will aid the body in it’s healing. If you think you’ve tried everything, and still don’t feel well, you probably haven’t tried auricular therapy.



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