Manifest your dreams with Angel Power!


    Sue Storm, dubbed "The Angel Lady" on Comedy Central’s "The Daily
    Show, is convincing when she tells us that infinite wisdom is available to us by
    angels who guide each and every one of us. She has taught thousands of people how
    to change their lives and become more successful by using dozens of techniques that
    the angels have given her to share with us in her books Angel First Aid: Rx for Miracles,
    and Angel First Aid: Rx for Success.

    It seems that the only challenge is remembering to ask for their assistance and having
    the patience and willingness to see the results played out in our daily lives.

    In a demonstration angel reading, Sue’s ears pricked at my suggestion that things
    appeared difficult or challenging. She immediately introduced me to an angel prescription
    guaranteed to make things easier going. I was told to visualize a chalk board in
    my mind. She asked me to write down these words on the chalk board: difficult, challenging.
    Then she asked me to turn on a fire hose in my mind and clear the chalk board completely,
    with power and force. Then, she asked me to replace those words with ones that I
    wished to see: easy flowing, smooth, effortless. I wrote those on my mental chalk
    board and stared at them for a moment.

    That’s the kind of work that Sue Storm does for clients. She’s not a psychic
    who tells you your new soulmate’s initials. She listens to your language, the way
    that you describe your way of being, and hears prescriptions for effortless change
    from the voice in her head. Her gift from the time when she was young has been to
    journey to the angelic realm and visit there, and go to Heaven or the other side
    and contact people who have passed on and be there with them, too.

    She spoke with Edge Life about her personal connection with angels, as well as the event she presented December 8-9 at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in South Minneapolis.
    "Manifest your dreams with Angel Power!

    I understand that you had a near-death experience that enhanced your ability to communicate with angels. What happened?

    Sue Storm: I was very young, 18 months old, and I was suffocating. My blankets were wrapped around my head, and I had already started to turn blue.

    You were sleeping by yourself?

    SS: Yes, in my crib. I saw angels flying over my head. At the time I wasn’t sure what they were, but there were these white, flying, flashing objects over my head. A great sense of peace came over me – and from that time on I’ve been able to hear, see, and feel the presence of angels. An angel went downstairs and got my mother and told her to get upstairs quick, that I was in trouble. She heard that voice, ran upstairs and found me. She saved me in the nick of time.

    Were you raised in an environment in which angels were accepted as spiritual messengers?

    SS: You know what? I guess I wasn’t. It wasn’t a part of my upbringing.

    Because you were so young at the time of that experience, I guess you didn’t have much actual memory of that event. Or did it stay with you?

    SS: It didn’t. It came back when I was an adult.

    What did happen is this: At 4 years old a voice of special guidance, which was an adult male voice, started talking to me and giving me guidance on how I should do things, how my parents were going to do things, what was going to happen in the future. I would just listen to that voice. As a child, I called it "my little man." Many years later, that voice turned out to be Archangel Michael.

    I’ve lived with this voice of guidance for almost all my life, so I don’t know how to live without it.

    How common do you think that is?

    SS: I think to some degree everyone has it. Men call it a hunch or a gut reaction. Women call it an intuition. But it’s a voice or a sense of knowing that everyone has.

    I also think it’s very prevalent among children, because they don’t have the inhibitions that adults do. They accept what they see. I feel that children see angels, hear them, feel them, just like I did. Maybe my experience was more intense because it’s my life purpose, but I feel everybody has had some kind of experience with angels.

    When did this become your life’s purpose?

    SS: Well, that’s an interesting story. In 1996, the women who wrote the book Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels, which was a number one bestseller, came to my house and awakened me to my gifts. The authors, sisters Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold, were woken up in the middle of the night and they were told by the angels to go to the Chicago area and find a woman and awaken her to her gift.

    Did they have your address or your name?

    SS: No.

    How’d they find you?

    SS: They started calling people they knew in Chicago who had either done readings with them or had a connection to them, asking them if they knew who this woman was. And my massage therapist said, "Oh, it has to be Sue Storm." And they checked with the angels, found out it was me, and that was it.

    Had you been speaking about angels to your massage therapist?

    SS: No. At this point I still thought that the inner voice was "my little man."

    Six months before all this happened, "my little man" told me to make a writing room. So, I had already prepared a room with a desk and computer and calculator, everything I needed. When Barbara and Trudy came here, they stayed at my place to edit their second book – and I had the writing room all ready.

    So six months before they were told about me, I was in some way told about them.

    How did that work out – two people that you didn’t even know coming to work at your house?

    SS: It’s very interesting. My right-brain friends and people I knew said, "Oh, this is really great. These women are coming to write their book there." My left-brain friends said, "You’re going to let strangers in your house?" But, I knew they were OK because they knew my massage therapist and she had connection with them for several years.

    And did you have kind of a feeling inside that this was going to move you to where you needed to go?

    SS: Not until they came here and told me that "my little man" was Archangel Michael.

    And then at that point you began to get more information about how angels have affected your life from the very beginning?

    SS: Actually what happened when they left is that my assistant said, "Why don’t you come to my church and speak about angels?"

    And I said to her, "Why don’t you call Borders in Naperville (where I live) and see if they would like me to come and talk about the Angelspeake book." She did, Borders said yes, and all of a sudden, all the stores wanted me. So, for the next couple years I went to all the bookstores in the western Chicago suburbs and drew big crowds and talked about angels. That’s how it all started. Eventually, I wrote my own books, but that’s how the beginning started.

    How has your relationship with the angels evolved since that period?

    SS: It’s been amazing. You get all the green lights, good things happen, you always have a special knowing, you’re always in the flow. Good things.

    The angels are my friends. I’m never alone, because my angels are always with me.

    Is it true that they will not intervene without someone asking for help?

    SS: Not true as far as I know, because there are times of stress or trauma when you might not even know you need help and they will be there.

    Give me a sense of what kind of daily contact that you have with them.

    SS: They help me get out of traffic jams. If I’m in a rush, I ask them to help me get more time. I ask them to send an angel to help me. I ask them to protect my daughter when she’s going into the city of Chicago.

    For someone who may not have any experience at all with angels, how would you know that the angels are responding to you?

    SS: You will get a message with a really good feeling. You get something that seems to come out of nowhere and gives you a good feeling.

    So it may be a thought in your head?

    SS: You may think it’s yourself thinking, yes.

    Or in the case of driving, it may be something that happens along your path that seems to make it easier for you.

    SS: Right, or you just get a sense of direction. Sometimes someone in a car will hear, "Don’t start up yet" or "Look to the left." That’s an angel message that is protecting them.

    What general message would you have for those who are unsure of the role angels play in their lives?

    SS: Just invite them in, make them their friends, learn their names, talk to them, incorporate them into their life, and just watch the amazing things that happen, the little miracles every day.

    Who comes to you for help from the angels?

    SS: The people are so diverse. Because I do counseling or consulting, I get people who come to me for business advice, everyone from executives looking for business advice to housewives who are just looking for direction. Also, people who are wanting to change jobs or need new jobs. Relationship questions are most common. People who are having difficulty with their relationships want to try to either find someone new, find a soulmate, or develop the relationship into a more romantic situation. People who want to have the angels help them get more money, better health, happiness and prosperity.

    What do angels want us to know?

    SS: The message of the angels is, "You are never alone and there is always hope." That’s their message, for people who are looking for hope and looking for guidance.

    What is the public acceptance of angels?

    SS: Much, much higher than before. At one point I read that 86 percent of the people interviewed believed in angels. It is far more acceptable now to talk about angels than it used to be. And it’s more an everyday occurrence now. People are accepting it not as just an angel at Christmas time or an angel on top of a tree, but that angels are a part of our life.

    You speak of Archangel Michael as your personal guide. Does everyone have an Archangel watching over them?

    SS: Yes. Actually everyone has one Archangel and two guardian angels watching over them, and those angels are picked on their life’s purpose. So, when they find out through me or through my books or in some way who their personal guardian angels and Archangel are, that gives them some clue as to their life’s purpose.

    Is there a hierarchy, with the Archangels above the guardian angels, like a chain of command and duties and responsibilities?

    SS: Absolutely. You’ve got it right on. The way I see it, God is the chairman of the board, the Archangels are the executives, and the guardian angels are the management, and then there’s cherubs and seraphim who are the helpers.

    There are probably a lot more guardian angels than anything else?

    SS: Right. There are four Archangels, and there is an infinite number of guardian angels. I’ve been able to identify about 120 by name and I describe them in my books, but there’s an infinite number.

    Describe the angelic realm.

    SS: Beautiful. The music is beautiful. There’s always some kind of music.

    Not necessarily harp music?

    SS: Not necessarily. Sometimes it’s like a choir singing.

    But, it’s uplifting.

    SS: Very much so, beyond the quality of anything I’ve heard on Earth. The colors are very intense and clear and pure, and there are colors that don’t appear on Earth. It’s just a very light, peaceful, angelic place.

    Once I asked, "How do miracles happen on the angelic realm? They don’t seem to happen as often on Earth. Is there a way that I can facilitate that? Can I bring some ability to make miracles down here? Can I do that?"

    What they told me was that the molecules move faster in the angelic realm, and we can request that the angels help us make the molecules move faster on Earth, so things will work for us better.

    I’m guessing that there are probably a lot of interesting requests we can make of the angels that would help us in ways that we aren’t thinking of.

    SS: Right, because there are angels for helping you make money. There are angels for helping you find better relationships. There are angels to bring you greater happiness and joy.

    Does knowing the name of the angel who either is your guardian angel or helps you in a specific area help strengthen the relationship you have with the angel?

    SS: Yes.


    SS: Because they each have a purpose and a job, and if you call them by name and have a relationship with them or an acquaintance with them, it seems to improve the response.

    If you had a problem with your eyes, you wouldn’t go to a dentist. And if you had a problem with your foot, you wouldn’t go to a dentist. It’s the same with which angel helps you with which particular thing. In the books I call these guardian angels the angel specialists. They have special techniques and special duties, and if you know which one to call on, that makes it happen more quickly.

    Do the guardian angels that each of us have change depending on what we’re asking for?

    SS: No, but more angels can come in to help you. Your particular three guardian angels stay with you your whole life, but more can come in when you need them, if you’re looking for them. If you’re a baby you don’t need Cory, the angel of career development. If you’re an adult, you do. They will come and go as you need them.

    Do you think that many people who seem to go through life smoothly, in the flow, are on some level either asking for or they’re receiving tons of angelic help without being conscious of it?

    SS: I really do. And when people pray to God, their message, and their help, can come down through an angel. Angels can bring blessings, too.

    People don’t have to be of a specific religion or even of a certain faith or belief system. Their angels are chosen for them at the time of their birth and are with them no matter what they do, no matter what their religious persuasion is. There are angels in all monotheistic religions – Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism.

    Your first book was about miracles.

    SS: Right, Angel First Aid, Rx for Miracles came first. In 1999, Archangel Michael came to me and said, "We have to write a book to let people know again that they are never alone and there is always hope." Those were his words. He said, "The world is going to need angel first aid, so they will be titled Angel First Aid." The books came out in 2000. And then 9/11 happened a year later, so the books were on the market in time. In 2002, Archangel Michael came to me and said, "People need to have a way to find their life’s purpose and follow that so that they can have less bumps in the road. Once they’re on their life’s purpose, things move more smoothly and their life is happier." So that resulted in Angel First Aid: Rx for Success, which is about finding your life’s purpose and being successful.

    Has Archangel Michael given you any information about what’s going on now on a global basis? We seem to be in a state of transition in some way.

    SS: Yes, I agree. Do you know what he’s saying to me as we’re talking? He’s just saying, "It’s a matter of balancing out people’s belief systems, and releasing the negativity that is so prevalent." And he tells me the angels are working on that.

    What did you present in your seminar at Lake Harriet?

    SS: In the seminar, we did visualization exercises to help us hear, see and feel the presence of our angels. When participants left the workshop, they did so with a lot more awareness, energy and enthusiasm for life. Archangel Michael tells me that life is not difficult, that people just don’t know how to live it. I shared some Angel First Aid techniques to make life happier, healthier, more prosperous and more fun.

    Those who were there experienced what it’s like to connect with their angels, get a message from their angels, get the names of their angels, their guardian angels, names of their personal guardian angels, and just feel energized and better about themselves – and ready to be more prosperous.

    Is there anything we haven’t talked about that you’d like to share with our readers?

    SS: The angels always offer a support system. If you want your life to be better, just invite the angels in and just see and experience for yourself how things are easier, more efficient and more prosperous.

    For more information or to schedule a consultation with Sue Storm, The Angel Lady, visit or call toll-free 1 (800) 323-1790.

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