Memories of the Sun

    I am wrapped in a damp Autumn bleakness
    as the sun walks away from us
    an ancient journey that must be traveled once again

    but I will hold fast in me memory the days
    with it seem close enough to pull from the sky
    and whisper to

    I remember each moment it warmed us
    and all the days we squinted
    as it danced broad along the water’s edge

    these memories of the sun,
    they will offer me solace through the gathering darkness
    as we patiently wait for the lushness of the equinox
    with a certain feigned indifference that fools no one.

    • * *

    Nothing Else

    As the sun’s rays
    illuminate your being
    and warm your face
    pause to take a nice
    long drink of life,
    close your eyes and smile.
    Know that this moment
    in time is real and
    all there is,
    really all there ever was
    and will be

    Nothing else matters.
    People will feel how they feel
    and will believe
    what they want to believe
    our only job is to be

    Fall leaves will continue
    their dance in the crisp wind,
    the squirrels will continue to play
    and the wind smoke will wisp
    long after we’re gone

    But now, there is the sun
    and the Earth beneath our feet
    and our breath. Time is still
    and nothing else matters.



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