A Preview of New Books, Music, Products on the horizon of Edge Life


    New on Meditation: Just when you think there are enough books on meditaion out there, along comes another one that can alter the perception some may have on this ancient practice. Let’s Not Call It Meditation, by regular Edge Life Magazine columnist Padme Livingstone, is such a book. Containing practical, down to earth appeals on how meditation can benefit anyone, it mixes these with heartwarming tales of true life experiences showing how applying the peace of mediation to one’s life can be very empowering. A wonderful read for beginners and “experts” alike, Let’s Not Call It Meditation can be purchased at www.healingwithawareness.com

    New for peace: Give Peace Bonds as gifts to your loved ones, your friends, or to yourself and invest in the vision of a more peaceful, secure future for all. When you make a donation to Nonviolent Peaceforce in the form of Peace Bonds, the return on your “investment” is priceless. The purchase of a Peace Bond is fully tax deductible and supports unarmed peacekeeping work in violent areas around the world — some of the work the peace teams are involved with are accompanying mothers to retrieve their children who have been abducted as child soldiers, monitoring elections, etc. These trained civilian teams are made up of people from all over the world. Amid violence and unrest in areas like Uganda, Columbia, and Sri Lanka, Peace Bonds are a gift to support those teams who stand in our stead to defend vulnerable people. The purchase of a Peace Bond represents a donation to the Nonviolent Peaceforce. The bearer will receive no monetary return for such bond. Give Peace Bonds to the person who has everything! Support Peace through your action at www.buypeacebonds.org.

    New piano: Pianist Anne Trenning, on her second CD All One World (Shadetree Productions), presents instrumental tunes inspired by her feelings regarding peace, love, happiness, friendship, joy and motherhood. She writes strong melodies that have evolved out of her church hymnal childhood, classical music training and love of folk and Celtic music. Her acoustic piano playing is backed on some tunes by violin, flute, guitar, bass, synth, percussion, harp, wordless vocals and a real string quartet. There is an organic earthiness to pianist Anne Trenning and her music that derives from her love of nature and the world around us. All One World is available on Amazon.com or ask for it at your favorite music store.

    New reflections: Robert Bonnell has been a writer and lecturer on esoteric themes for more than 45 years. This health practitioner based on Long Beach, Calif., now presents us with Reflections Along the Path: Brief Commentaries on Various Aspects of the Wisdom Tradition (Vantage Press). With brief, but astute, insight on 45 topics, ranging from Truth, the Path Defined, Holism, Becomingness, Sacred Winter, Rebirth, The Trinity Within and Transition, Bonnell’s philosophic mind takes the reader directly to spiritual identity and self-understanding. And as the preface states, “…his voice speaks as an intimate conversation between old friends of like mind.” Reflections Along the Path can be found at Amazon.com and in your favorite bookstore.

    New on Spiritual Inquiry of the ’60s: Alan Watts introduced millions of Western readers to Zen and other Eastern philosophies. But he also is recognized as a brilliant, celebrity philosopher who exemplified the ideas — and lifestyle — of the 1960s. For the first time ever, Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life: Collected Talks 1960-1969 (New World Library) offers a compilation of controversial lectures he delivered at American universities throughout the 1960s. In each of these presentations, he challenges us to reevaluate Western culture’s most hallowed constructs and to go beyond our usual mindsets. Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life can be found online and in bookstores.


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