How do you create your reality? With intention? With your Creator?

    Did you know the average human being is only able to focus six to 10 seconds? Not very long is it? We are becoming so addicted to our external reality that we react emotionally to what’s happening outside of ourselves instead of being present in the feeling of that moment. Another way to say it is, we have literally trained ourselves into becoming ADHD.

    We are reacting to our past emotional feelings/responses (hurt, fear, anger, sadness, etc.), when we come across a current event, situation, place or person in our life. We’re not being open or even present to the possibilities of a "new experience" of the event, situation, place or person, but still living in our own biased detached reality of our past.

    So you may want to ask yourself, "What am I addicted to?" How do I manifest my pain? Do I manifest it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually? What would it be like for me to change one thought about myself, even if I didn’t think it was true now, but took a risk and looked in the mirror and told myself this thought everyday? Do I believe I have the power and control to change my thoughts? My life? Do I feel deep down I am worth it? Do I believe how I feel about myself affects everyone around me? Or, is "pain" my friend, because it’s all I know to feel safe and comfortable?

    Hypnosis, flower essences, tuning forks and amino acids are methods that enable you to retrain, rewire, clear and clean out your brain’s chemicals, neurons and neuropeptides (messenger molecules and pathway connections), allowing you to focus for much longer periods of time. At the same time, these tools teach you how to use your entire mind/brain and to balance your brain’s hemispheres, so you can create your own reality. These methods empower you to believe in yourself and your own power to create your life and health as you see fit.

    The questions above will help you become very consciously aware of how you are choosing to create your day, your life. Change happens from inside out and these powerful healing methods are deep and rapid catalysts for creating the life you want.

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    Amy Zilka, M.A., M.F.T., C.H., is educated in Psychology & Psychotherapy and has training as a Certified Regression Hypnotherapist, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Reiki I & II practitioner, Nutritionist, Flower Essences, Homeopath and Tuning Forks practitioner. She is a former Jr. Olympic National Champion gymnast, coach and dancer. Amy is able to integrate and utilize her education, training, experience and her intuitive abilities to assist each "souls healing" of their earth body, mind and spirit to create a "hologram" of balanced healing of wholeness, integration and interrelational communication of plants, animals, humans and our planet. Visit or call (952) 938-9085. Copyright © 2007 Amy Zilka. All rights reserved.



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