Introducing…Twin Cities Psychic Symposium!


Who: Featuring speakers Echo Bodine, Kathryn Harwig and Michael Thompson Isaac, with 10 intuitive readers and 10 exhibitors

When: 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Saturday, March 24

Where: Earle Brown Heritage Center, 6155 Earle Brown Dr., Brooklyn Center, MN. Free Parking

Speakers Tickets: Featured speakers – $35 each, with free admission to psychic fair with speaker ticket

Event Package: $90 for all three featured speakers and free admission to psychic fair

Psychic Fair only: $5 admission, $3.50 each for group of two or more. The cost of individual psychic readings will vary from reader to reader.

Ticket Outlet: 763-433-9291 or toll-free 1-866-809-8080. All major credit cards accepted ($2.50 charge for advance orders & mailing)

We invite you to a powerful new event brought to you by Edge Life Magazine! The Twin Cities Psychic Symposium will feature Echo Bodine, Kathryn Harwig and Michael Thompson Isaac – three of the most dynamic Intuitive Readers in the Twin Cities – each of whom will spend two hours with their audience, speaking on intuition and providing many readings for those in attendance. The Twin Cities has asked for an event like this – and Edge Life has responded!

Edge Life proudly presents:

MICHAEL THOMPSON ISAAC – 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Michael, a native of Green Bay, Wisc., could sometimes "do things" as a child. He could accurately predict incoming telephone calls. He could leave his body and float on the ceiling. Despite having been fascinated by the "paranormal," Michael chose at one point to turn it all off. In 1990, he moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota. He wanted a "career." He trained as a Respiratory Therapist. He drew blood. He worked in real estate. He learned software development. He started a few companies. He facilitated anger management groups. He met and married a wonderful woman, had great kids and a great job. Seemingly, he had it all – new cars and a swimming pool. However, Michael always felt something was missing, but nothing concrete or ultimately satisfying showed itself. He was simply floating along within the illusion of success. Then he traveled with my wife to Sedona, Ariz., and something about that place allowed/forced the abilities Michael had been ignoring for so long to come flooding back. He returned to Minneapolis afire with the intention of nurturing these natural talents. He took psychic classes, met Echo Bodine and met Mike the spirit. He began seeing psychic clients in his spare time in 2005, and full time in 2006. He was an exhibitor of Edge Life Expo in 2006. Visit

KATHRYN HARWIG – 2-4 p.m. – Internationally acclaimed author, speaker, trainer and attorney Kathryn Harwig has been an intuitive since birth, and an attorney since 1982. She grew up on a farm in Minnesota, where her intuitive abilities were seen by her parents and neighbors as a surprising and yet accepted skill. She went on to attend the University of St. Cloud, Minn., receiving a Bachelor of Science degree (magna cum laude) in Psychology and Sociology. After graduation she became a probation officer in Minneapolis. As she worked with the most dangerous of criminals, she came to fully realize the extent that intuition aided her in her awareness and knowledge of others. She then attended the University of Minnesota in a graduate program of Criminal Justice Studies, specializing in the prediction of dangerousness. In 1982 she graduated cum laude from William Mitchell College of Law with a Doctorate in Law. She was a successful partner in a law firm for many years. Her first book, "Your Life In the Palm Of Your Hand," was written in 1994. It became an immediate success and a Book of the Month Club selection. Her later books, "The Millennium Effect" (1996), "The Intutitive Advantage" (2000) and "The Angel in the Big Pink Hat" (2005) have also received acclaim. Kathryn has trained thousands of people to use their intuition to maximize their career goals, relationships and life skills. She works actively with individuals, corporations and police departments. Kathryn appears regularly on television and radio and often writes columns for newspapers and magazines on intuition and related subjects. In August of 1999 she was featured in a one hour television special on the Arts & Entertainment network’s "The Unexplained." In 2003, she appeared in a segment of Court TV’s "Psychic Detectives." She is a regular monthly guest on WCCO radio. Kathryn has traveled the world presenting this information. She has been a frequent Keynote Speaker at Edge Life Expo. Visit

ECHO BODINE – 5-7:30 p.m. – Echo Bodine first discovered at the age of 17 that she was born with psychic abilities and the gift of healing. Her abilities include clairvoyance (the gift of seeing), clairaudience (the gift of hearing) and clairsentience (the gift of sensing). She studied psychic development for several years and learned about the gift of healing from her spirit guides as well as through prayer and meditation. Since she was a child, Echo was encouraged to trust her inner voice. The voice, her mother explained, that was in her gut, not in her mind. But it took years of psychic experiences and trust in herself to let go and follow her intuition. Twenty-five years ago, Echo left the workaday world and became a full-time psychic consultant, healer and ghostbuster. She has also shared her gift with others as a teacher of psychic development and healing. During the last twenty years, she has written eight books, including "Echoes of the Soul," "Relax It’s Only a Ghost" and "Hands That Heal," and has appeared on several radio and television shows, including James Van Praagh’s "Beyond," Sally Jesse Raphael, Sightings, Encounters, NBC’s "The Other Side" and "The Un-explained" (A&E). Echo has hosted her own Twin Cities-based radio show, "Intuitive Living with Echo Bodine," and she has been featured in several newspaper and magazine articles. Echo also has hosted her own cable TV show, "New Age Perspectives," and co-hosted a cable show called EdgeTV. Paramount pictures solicited her services for the promotion of the movie "Ghost." Echo’s most recent book is called, "The Key: Unlock Your Psychic Abilities." In this work she presents a clear guide to developing psychic abilities and shows us that being psychic is a gift of the spirit we all have. Echo has been a frequent Keynote Speaker at Edge Life Expo. Visit

Download PDF of the Twin Cities Psychic Fair Poster

Want to get a glimpse of the future you have the potential to create in your life? Wondering when you will meet your soulmate? Find your dream job? Curious about the Afterlife? Attend the Twin Cities Psychic Symposium and enjoy the speaking sessions, visit intuitive readers or consult with a dozen exhibitors. Twin Cities Psychic Symposium is your ticket to learning more about You! Make a note on your calendar to join us at Earle Brown Heritage Center on Saturday, March 24, from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Come to the Twin Cities Psychic Symposium with a friend and Save! Admission to the Psychic Fair only is $3.50 each for two or more people. Remember, fair admission is FREE with a paid Speaker Ticket! Admission to ALL THREE SPEAKERS and the PSYCHIC FAIR is only $90!

Tickets are on sale now. All major credit cards accepted. $2.50 fee per ticket. All advance tickets will be mailed to you. Call 763-433-9291 or toll-free 1-866-809-8080 today!

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