On Connecting with Nature

    Little did I know on this warm day in June that my life would change profoundly.

    At a very young age, my sensitivity of nature and all living things was almost overwhelming for me.

    Everything was amazing and my curiosity and questions were neverending. I’d rather climb a tree and closely inspect bugs and insects on the way up than to play jump rope or any other kind of game. And those squirrels and their aerobatics were very entertaining. I learned how to catch June bugs, grasshoppers and even crayfish. Just by observing their behavior patterns. Flying with those beautiful colored birds and singing their song was my little girls dream come true.

    The flip side of all living things is a harsh reality to learn. Only the healthy survive. Then, of course, we see the dead one on the sides of roads. So forth and so on.

    During June 2006 I was observing one female Mallard duck with her two male protectors, never leaving her side. I realized they were not mating. The female was dragging one foot with obvious pain. Tears poured from my emotions of sadness. What loyalty they instinctually knew. I cried more and more. I questioned myself as to why human beings don’t seem to posses this quality? Then I heard a voice inside my head say, "Do something about this Lyn, and empower yourself with this knowledge."

    Wow! I listened. The crying stopped as I called the Animal Humane Society of Golden Valley, who directed my call to the downstairs Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release Inc., the exam room for injured and/or orphaned wildlife. Nadine, who volunteers in the Exam Room and holds her Novice License with the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), told me they could use more volunteers there. Bingo!

    Five months later, I have obtained my Novice license with the DNR and still volunteer my time in the triage room. My intentions for the New Year of 2007 is to totally honor and respect my position with wildlife and nature. And to give back to all living things great and small. I am very thankful for all the people who have encouraged and who have taught me with their own empowerment.



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