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    So much is happening energetically in our world right now. We are being called to step up and embrace our gifts and our journey. There is room for all of us to see our potential and move into the light of love. We are here to teach and to enlighten, to be taught and to be enlightened. It is time to set aside our excuses and beliefs that hold us back.

    I have been honored to have been given a glimpse of the world beyond and find that it is time to share my experience. More than 20 years ago, I was beaten and raped by a serial rapist. After several hours of enduring overwhelming pain and more fear than I ever thought possible, I found myself looking down at my body. It took what seemed like several minutes to realize that I was no longer a part of this horrible experience. It was over. I felt as though I still had a body, but not one that I could see. My earthly body was lying on the floor below me, bound and gagged and lifeless.

    Despite everything that had happened, I was filled to the core of my being with love and compassion. The joy and happiness I felt cannot be explained. There are no words in our language that can begin to do it justice. Let me just say that if you took the happiest moment in your life and multiplied it by infinity, you still wouldn’t come close. I was fully aware of what had happened and knew that my family was going to be devastated. I realized that no matter what causes your death, it doesn’t matter. You could experience so much pain and the moment you die, it’s all gone. Everything awful is gone and it is replaced with a deep knowingness and love.

    I was aware of my guides on either side of me and realized that they were communicating with me, helping me to understand what had just taken place. There was a beautiful light off to the left of me, and I felt the need to go toward it. I remember understanding everything – and I mean everything. I knew why we came to this earth world and what it was all about. It was so funny to me that we had it so screwed up on earth. As I moved toward the light, I stopped for a moment and remembered that I had come to earth for many reasons. I was saddened that I would not have the opportunity to have the children that I had agreed to have, that I would not be able to marry the man that I had agreed to be with. In that split second, I re-entered my body, screaming and fighting to go back to the light. The pain was instantaneous and so overwhelming. And then I felt a calm come over me and knew that "they" were with me and that everything would be all right. I felt the energy completely shift.

    In an instant, I was downloaded with the life story of this man who had spent the entire night showing me what it meant to be in a living hell. I understood how he had come to be the person that he was. I could feel nothing but compassion for him. This was the beginning of a new understanding for me. I had knowledge that was so huge and I knew what life was all about – although, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember anything specific. I just knew it was big and that I would be all right.

    That was 23 years ago and I have been working my way to the place I find myself now. It is time for me to share my knowledge. I am in the process of putting together a company called Light Alliance, a Holistic Institute for Research and Development. It is a facility for learning and development – a place where I can share what I have been given. It is also a place where you can learn and find your own answers. I have been working with two soul friends on developing opportunities for others to tap into universal knowledge and receive answers for themselves. We have been working with archangels and masters to bring this information to light.

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much help is out there for all of us to use. I feel blessed to be a part of this journey. I feel tears of joy to finally be able to share on a larger scale what I have been taught. I am on the path of my soul and I feel it to the core of my being. I want the world to know this feeling. I want to share everything that I have so that you too can see that life is worth living. So that you can let go of the things that hold you back and keep you in the darkness. For when you are on your path there is only light.

    We are here to help you to re-member that everything you need is within you.

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    Chris Tonnar
    Chris Tonnar is a metaphysical teacher, speaker, writer, healer and hypnotherapist. She is the founder of Light Alliance a Holistic Institute for Research and Development. She is here to bring wisdom from the other realms through channeling archangels and masters. Her soul purpose is to bring light to the darkness and help teach universal truths. Chris can be contacted at (715) 294-2001 or (651) 278-5283, or e-mail [email protected]. Visit Copyright © 2007 Chris Tonnar. All rights reserved


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