Loving Ourselves and Others


    As we evolve and experience the many levels and types of love in this universe, we often have to reexamine what we think love is. Love means many different things to many different people. Some people think love is to constantly give of themselves to others. Many believe love is to find that perfect soul mate and to live the rest of their life in happiness. Yet certain proclaimed spiritually enlightened people may tell you that love is something that the universe gave us to experience and we are not meant to understand what it is. Though confusing at times, love is real and love does create an array of emotions that touch both our heart and soul.

    True love is helping people to grow spiritually. Growing spiritually is allowing a person to experience and become all that they can be. Helping spirits to grow is where you will find the true enlightenment of love. So should we constantly give of ourselves to be a loving person? This depends on where your heart is. If we give a child everything that it needs, we are not helping that child grow, but teaching them to become dependent on us. So we learn to give children what they need to the point that it helps them grow, so that they may become dependent within themselves. This same philosophy is to be lived in all our love relationships, whether with friends, family or soul mates. Unfortunately, for some people their heart is not in the right place and they want people to become dependent upon them so that they feel loved and needed. These people are trying to fill a hole within, a hole lacking a true love for themselves, within themselves.

    Our first step to becoming a truly love enlightened spirit is to learn how to love ourselves. We must learn to be honest with how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, our emotions, our minds and our soul. We must express what we feel and learn to love ourselves for who we truly are. Then if we are not happy with who we are, we can change. Learn to love your body for what you choose it to be. Learn to express your emotions and feelings as they happen, but also learn not to be ruled by them.

    Occasionally I will have an experience that will come into my life that really upsets me. As I’m driving down the road, I will have a discussion with my higher power, which will usually consist of several four-letter words (and I do not mean L-O-V-E). I proceed to express the anger and hurt that I feel – to release it. Then, when I have let out my feelings, I ask for a higher understanding as to why this experience was brought into my life and what I can learn. I feel more respected for being willing to express who I am and what I feel, and then also for knowing when to move beyond the emotions and to see the experience from a higher level of understanding with the lessons it will teach me. Through this process, I experience divine love, knowing that I can express what I feel with my higher power and still be loved. By accepting divine love, I learn to love myself for who I am.

    Divine love is the greatest love of all. This universal love is always there when you need it. No matter how many people come in and out of your life, this love is always there. No matter what you do in your life, you will always be loved by a higher power – and this divine love wishes for you to learn, grow and discover who you truly can be. By discovering and experiencing divine love, we learn to love ourselves.

    Once we discover how to love ourselves, we are capable of truly giving love to another. We can freely choose to enter into a life-long love relationship. This relationship can be without doubt, jealousy and fear, because we love ourselves and have freely chosen to love this person – not because we are trying to fulfill a lack of love within.

    When love relationships are chosen to fill a lack of love for ourselves, we start to have doubts as to why someone else would want to love us. We panic at the thought of the abandonment of that love, so we become jealous and create fear. No matter how much love you give to people who do not love themselves, it will be never be enough to make them happy. You can be married to someone, have companionship, children, a nice home and good physical relations and not have love. A true, loving relationship allows people to accept each other for who they are without trying to change them. It helps them to grow and become more of who they are and want to be.

    As we evolve and experience the many levels and types of love in this universe, we learn that true love is not making people what we want them to be, but accepting people for who they are, and helping them to discover their full potential. Love is giving to the point that it helps people to become strong within themselves and not dependent on someone else.

    True love enlightenment is only discovered through learning to love ourselves first through divine love, then the array of emotions that touch both our heart and soul will be truly fulfilling.

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