Reaching through the Veil to Heal


The doorway through which we pass to come home to Spirit’s loving arms is not the end of the soul’s journey as many of you believe. When we pass through the doorway of death, it leads us home to a resting place where we find comfort and love so that we can prepare for the next adventure on our soul’s journey.

The journey of our soul began when Spirit first created our soul. Spirit then gave us the ability to co-create as we could then decide what we wanted to experience in each of our lifetimes. As part of this project, we have a set group of issues we are required to learn about, such as trust, abandonment, abuse, judgment, control, responsibility and love. Our soul’s journey continues lifetime after lifetime as we experience and learn about each of these issues.

During this journey, karma is created and karma is healed; that is just part of the adventure. When I ask about the purpose of these lessons, I am told that this is Spirit’s way of allowing us to grow and become aware of who we are, to find our own place of forgiveness and unconditional love for all mankind that resides within us. In this place we can be closer to Spirit, as we will be more like Spirit. We are all one with Spirit. Only our issues and negative belief systems hold us apart.

Doorway of death
When we cross through the doorway of death, we are allowed to return to Spirit’s presence as a reprieve from the challenges of our issues. It is like the ultimate vacation. Our soul understands that it will return in its next life to complete any unfinished issue work, most likely with the same souls. Our soul understands all of this, but our human consciousness is very limited to here and now, so the death of a loved one can be devastating to our everyday life.

Most of us would like to avoid thinking about our own death or the death of a loved one, but it is inevitable. The moment we are born, we begin our journey towards our exit from that lifetime. We struggle to experience all that we can between the two events, but death is part of our journey.

For most of us, the subject of death is shrouded with fear, as well as being one of our greatest mysteries. We have traditionally feared death because it was not something we could understand or control. What happens at the time of death? Is it the end of your existence or just a new chapter? Our religions have tried to fill in the blanks with their perceptions of life and death, but what is truth? Is there really a place called heaven and a place called hell? I believe we should all arrive at our own truths. To find this truth, you must explore. You may easily accept and find comfort in some explanations, but other theories will cause you to search deeper to discover what the truth is for you.

Search for truth
In my search for truth, it was channeled to me by the masters that Spirit’s definition of death is the doorway through which His child returns to Him. Death is one of Spirit’s greatest gifts to us. When Spirit opens his arms to us and welcomes us home, it is our death that allows us to join him. Death is Spirit’s reward to us for completing our journey. No matter how long or short our life journey is, Spirit is there waiting for us when it is our time to come home.

It has been explained to me that death is not accidental. We do not just stumble and fall through the doorway of death. As part of your life plan, the time of your birth is set and the approximate time of your death is set. This can fluctuate slightly depending upon the timing of the work you are doing. There are windows of time along your journey though which you can exit if you have completed your work or if you are not able to accomplish what you came into this life to do. There is a purpose to everyone’s life and a purpose to everyone’s death. Whether your death comes from natural causes, by your own hand or by the hand of someone else, Spirit knows it is your time to come home and He is there to greet you.

I have a unique source of knowledge about what happens at the time of death. We all come into our life with spiritual gifts, and my Spirit-given gift is to be able to communicate with spirits who have crossed over. My knowledge of death and what happens after death comes from my communication with these spirits, as well as from my own near-death experience. I will share with you what I have learned from the countless stories I have heard from those in spirit.

Close encounter with death
We sometimes hear people talk about what they feel or see when they have a near-death experience. In the thousands of stories I have heard and read about, I have never heard anyone talk about experiencing anything negative while on their journey of transition. It is always a joyful experience and one from which they did not want to return. It is difficult for us to understand the overwhelming sensation of love that is expressed in the transition realm. Our spirits become immersed in an indescribable feeling of unconditional love that causes us to lose all desire to remain in or return to the density of the human body and life. We just want to remain forever in the comfort of Spirit’s arms. Your spiritual consciousness becomes momentarily disconnected from human consciousness. There is no time and space, only spiritual bliss.

In earth time, my near-death experience lasted a very short time, but it seemed like I was there for a long time while I was talking with Spirit’s council of masters. You can imagine how disappointing it is when you are sent back to finish your work as I was. I can remember begging to stay even after they showed me what my future life would hold, but they were not dissuaded. I was sent back because I had not completed my life purpose as a healer. It was at that time that I realized how death is a very special gift that we are given from Spirit. It is not the end of life or a random act of punishment. It is a celebration of completion. Death is a blessing and life is our challenge. You will often see people’s lives changed after such an experience. It changed mine. This experience could be a wake-up call to take better care of your body, because you have more to accomplish in this life, or that you had better get your work done so you are ready next time you pass through that doorway.

The medical field tries to explain away all of the sensations that we experience in a near-death situation, but I know it as fact. There is still a lot that science does not understand about the human body, which Spirit created in such perfection. Everything has a purpose – even you. We are each a creation of Spirit. We are the child that He loves unconditionally. Some of us have just forgotten that.

Choices and consequences
The lessons we learn in a lifetime are based on our choices – and the consequences of those choices. If you have learned what you needed to learn in that lifetime, you will be rewarded and promoted to the next level. If we choose not to learn, we will just return to our next lifetime with the same issues to face and the same people to learn them with. Unfortunately, the lessons may be a little harder the next time around. It is all about choices and consequences as we experience our soul’s journey.

Life is not by accident. It is a very involved project in which we choose the challenges of the life we live. We choose the individuals that we will interact with and the issues that we will learn from. Spirit gives you a support system of angels and spirit guides to assist you through this process of learning. Spirit continually supports us through the entire journey. You can do it the hard way, stomping your foot at life like an obstinate child, or you can do it the easy way, with the assistance of your spiritual support system.

Intuitive Life Path Healer Linda Drake will be coming to Minneapolis in February to offer workshops on the information contained in her new book, Reaching Through the Veil to Heal. She will be at Borders bookstore on Feb. 22 at Ridgedale Mall, 1501 Plymouth Road, in Minnetonka. She will be at the Body Mind Soul Expo on Feb. 24-25 at Earle Brown Center, 6155 Earle Brown Dr., in Brooklyn Center.

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Linda Drake, an intuitive life path healer, author and acclaimed speaker, uses her gifts to help the bereaved find comfort, healing and understanding. In her new book "Reaching Through The Veil To Heal" (Llewellyn 2006), she shares powerful, true stories that underscore vital lessons in accepting loss, coping with grief and understanding death. Linda Drake has appeared on NBC television and on national radio. She is conducting a national book tour and is part of The Learning Annex speaker series. Visit or Copyright © 2007 Linda Drake. All rights reserved.


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