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    Manifesting prosperity is a concept that is easy to understand but not so easy to put into practice. "Just put it out there, believe and it will happen," they say. "Have faith in spirit and you will be taken care of." Great concept – if you have the faith.

    During my many years as a minister, it has been interesting to watch how many people have faith, until it comes to their hearts and their money. Faith is not a switch inside of us that we turn on for an instant blessing. It is a tool of life that is developed slowly and carefully one step at a time, and once you develop this talent, whatever you visualize and believe will happen.

    To build and polish your faith, you start with small things. Visualize and manifest a parking place.

    Do not only engage your mind in this exercise, but include your heart and emotions into your manifestation. If you do not get what you want the first time around, be persistent. There was a man who said, "I tried positive thinking once but it didn’t work." Through persistence and practice, you will see your faith in manifesting grow.

    The first time you manifest a parking place, your mind will say, "It worked once, but I bet you can’t do it again!" The second time you receive your manifestation, your mind replies, "You must be lucky today." The third time it says, "Now this has to be a coincidence!" About the fifth or sixth time you manifest a parking space, your mind will be getting on board with the concept, "You know how to do this. You have done it before," and you will have developed your faith to manifest.

    Now that you have taken your first manifesting step, kick it up a notch. Manifest a parking space next to the handicap area. Manifest the perfect job, the perfect relationship and, ultimately, "Show me the money!"

    I remember when I first started to develop my faith in manifesting. I suddenly realized I was on the road to create whatever I wanted in my life. Soon after my spiritual high, the spiritual hangover hit me. What if I manifested something that was not right for me? How could I be sure what I really wanted? This put me into a year-long journey of doing a lot of emotional homework and contemplating what I really wanted in my life.

    I have been with money and I have been without money, and I like being with money better! We are meant to be financially prosperous if we choose – and our higher power would like us to have what we choose. The question to ask yourself is, "Why do I want money? What will it give me?"

    It is wise to take time to examine our issues around financial prosperity. Do you really want money or do you want freedom of your time? Do you really want prosperity or do you just want to purchase things that you think will bring you the happiness you do not have? Those who are wealthy are sometimes the unhappiest people in the world. I will never forget reading the story of a young man who had won a million dollar lottery. He thought he was rich and there was no end to his wealth. He was two million dollars in debt within six months.

    Once you develop the faith to manifest what you want in your life, you will be responsible for what you manifest into your world. This kind of empowerment can be scary if you have not done your emotional homework. If you are opposed to emotional homework, you can always take the easy road. Find yourself a spiritual leader to give your power to. Worship this teacher, let him make your decisions for you, and then if he is wrong, it is the teacher’s fault, not yours. This way, the teacher has the emotional homework to do and you just have to call them a hypocrite for not being perfect. Then go find another perfect spiritual leader so that you can continue to not do your homework. The system works great. There are plenty of spiritual leaders you can put on a pedestal who are not perfect that you can continue to find fault with so you can keep the cycle going. Try it and you might like it.

    When you get tired of running around same circle, try claiming your own power, the power to have everything you want in your life. Yes, you are human just like your spiritual teachers, and yes, you will make mistakes. But through these learning opportunities, you will learn what will really make you happy and feeling fulfilled. You will then do your emotional homework, because you want to – and yes, you will continue to develop faith to manifest all the prosperity you need for the unique loving soul that you are.

    Oh, and be sure to share so that others might learn from your wonderful journey.

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    Michael Underwood
    Michael Underwood is a spiritual teacher, healer, minister, psychic and professional musician. He performs public speaking on spiritual principles, positive motivation and team building for spiritual and corporate organizations, and conducts individual and group sessions on how to balance and use spiritual principles. Michael is a minister for the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community and an executive for Mid American Energy Corporation. Contact him at [email protected] Copyright © 2006 Michael Underwood. All rights reserved


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