Manifesting Prosperity


    What is prosperity? I believe one possible answer to that question is: "wealth."

    This isn’t a simple answer, because some answers inevitably lead to more questions. In this case, the answer of "wealth" causes the next question to be asked: "What is wealth?" It is from my perspective that prosperity and wealth go hand in hand; therefore I must address both questions to truly answer: "What is prosperity?"

    This is no one true answer or single perspective to the questions of "What is prosperity?" or "What is wealth?" Everyone has his or her own uniquely subjective viewpoint on what these terms mean.

    I don’t view prosperity and wealth from the mundane, materialistic definitions of them, as material things are only temporary and may be lost as easily as they are gained. I see them from a spiritual viewpoint.

    Material things are important only in the way in which we use them while we are in this realm of existence; which is finite and temporary at best. Material resources may make you rich from a mundane world perspective, but they have nothing to do with spiritual wealth, which comes from within – it’s who you are, not what you have. It is through our own intent and actions that our true wealth is either increased or decreased.

    Do you leave a legacy of love?

    Did you make the world a better or worse place for you having been in it?

    Did you grow or stagnate as an individual?

    Did you expand your knowledge?

    Did you expand your love?

    Did you move out of your comfort zone(s) in some way?

    Did you take more than you gave or vice versa?

    Who are YOU?

    I’ve met a lot of materially rich people who aren’t wealthy at all. Whether they earned it, were born into it or however they acquired material riches, in the end, they are just like anyone else, for they too will transition past the thin veil, leaving it all behind. When he passes, will people say, "Yeah, he had a Mercedes and paid his bills on time, had a ton of cash in the bank?" Or will they say she "was a wonderful soul who was so blessed and gave so freely of herself to others" and be remembered for who she was? True wealth comes from within, and it is from here that true giving and receiving takes place. The more we truly give of ourselves, the more we get back and the wealthier we become within.

    As for prosperity, the more inner wealth we have, the more prosperous we’ll be as we give freely of ourselves. Giving of ourselves is the most valuable asset we have; and the effects will be felt by everyone around us – family, friends, co-workers and all the various lives we touch. Indeed, we’ll be very prosperous.

    Self-assessment is a key lifelong practice that’s part of the path to inner wealth. We must know our own true intent, for it is the beginning of all we think, say, do – and it affects All That Is. You must make your own way on your own path, and intent is the beginning.

    We enter this world with nothing, but we leave with everything of who we are. Do not value the weight of your wallet. Instead, value the weight of your soul.

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