Resetting Your Vibration: The Key to Positive Law of Attraction


    You’ve likely used these expressions: "out of the blue," "everything fell into place," "coincidence," "serendipity" and "synchronicity." Did you know that every time you use these words, you are experiencing evidence of the Law of Attraction? When you say, "This is such a coincidence – I was just thinking about you," in that very moment you’ve just experienced evidence of Law of Attraction.

    The Law of Attraction is at work in your life RIGHT NOW! And it’s attracting people, events and experiences to your life – but not all of them positive. Understanding how the Law of Attraction works and why you attract things you don’t want is important.

    It’s all about vibes. We use the word vibe to describe moods or feelings that we’re "picking up." For example, we meet someone and would say that they gave off a positive vibe or a negative vibe, or a neighborhood gives off a positive or negative vibe. We use the word vibe to describe moods or feelings. The word "vibe," of course, comes from vibration. The Law of Attraction is about vibrational energy. It’s a science. There are only two kinds of vibes that you could be sending – negative vibes and positive vibes. These vibes are a result of the feelings you have and at every moment, including right now, you have a mood or a feeling. You can tell by your feeling of the vibration that you’re sending.

    The Law of Attraction (a science), the universal energy around you, is responding to the vibration you are sending by giving you more of the same vibration, whether negative or positive. So right now, the Law of Attraction is matching your vibration. If you’re attracting negative things, it means you’ve been sending negative vibrations.

    So why do some positive people attract negative things? Is it because they’re negative? No. It’s because they were giving attention, energy and focus to what they didn’t want, which raises the question, "Why would we give attention to something we didn’t want?" It’s the words we use that create the thoughts we think, that in turn cause us to send a negative or positive vibration. So if I’m feeling a negative vibration, it means I’m having a negative thought, and if I’m having a negative thought, it means I’m using some negative words in my thoughts.

    All of us have within us the power to reset the results we’re getting. We generally use a reset button when something is not working. If there is an area in your life that’s not working and you’re getting negatives results in, then reset the results! Reset your vibrations (from negative to positive). And to reset your vibrations, you need to reset your thoughts, and to reset your thoughts, you need to change the words you’re using.

    There are three commonly used words that cause us to send a negative vibration. They are "don’t," "not" and "no." Every time you use these words, you’ve just brought attention, energy and focus to that which you don’t want.

    For example, don’t think about the Statue of Liberty – oops you just did! Whenever you say what not to do, you just gave it attention. Some business people might say, "I don’t want my clients to cancel their appointment." They have just given their attention to canceling clients. You say, "I don’t want this to be difficult," and now you have just given attention to it being difficult. Parents say, "Don’t get your clothes dirty," and now they have just given attention to that.

    To help reset a vibration from negative to positive, your homework for now and the rest of your life is to eliminate these three words – the words that cause you to send a negative vibration.

    How do you reduce the use of the words "don’t," "not" and "no"? Each time you catch yourself using those words, ask yourself this question: "So, what DO I want?" This question will help you go from what you don’t want, to what you do want.

    For example, "Don’t forget," and you will hear yourself say, "So, what do I want?" The answer would be: to remember. "Don’t slam the door" becomes "Close the door quietly."

    Notice when you go from what you don’t want to what you do want, the words change, and when the words change, the vibration changes. When you change your vibration, it will change the results that you’re getting. The secret to resetting your vibration is eliminating the words "don’t," "not" and "no," and saying "So, what do I want?"

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