Ten Keys to Manifesting Wealth

    Every day in every way we are manifesting the reality of the life that we see
    around us. Whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, everything in our
    life is created by what we think, say and do.
    In the years I have worked with individuals and groups to manifest the life of their
    dreams with ease, I have come to realize that there are 10 keys that consistently
    make a difference in successfully and joyfully creating in an effortless flow.

    An important foundation to becoming a conscious creator is to recognize that it
    all begins within you! Your thoughts create your emotions, your emotions lead to
    the actions you take, and the actions you take effect the results that you see in
    your life.

    Another essential idea is to realize that you do not have to do this alone!
    Our lives are designed to work in harmony, like a symphony, with the powerful creative
    forces of the Universe that are literally standing by to delight and excite us! As
    you become clear on what you choose, set your intentions, focus your attention, visualize
    what you choose as if it has already occurred, expect your desires to be full and
    fulfilled, express gratitude, and move forward to take the appropriate actions in
    your life, you are forever free from the habits of worry, doubt and fear.

    When you tap into the power of the Universe to support and assist you in creating
    the life of your dreams, you almost immediately begin to experience the magic and
    the miracles of life and living!

    Here are 10 keys that will support you in consciously creating the life you love
    to live:

    • Choose a Higher Power that absolutely and completely loves and adores
      you, that always has your best interests at heart, and that wants you to enjoy all
      the riches of this life.
    • Choose powerfully and positively to create a road map for your success. Create
      a vivid vision of what you choose to move towards, rather than what you want to move
      away from. Be definite, clear, and specific.
    • Maintain a prosperity consciousness each and every day. Do not allow thoughts
      of lack, limitation or competition to enter into your mind. Allow only the truth
      that there is limitless abundance in the Universe for everyone, including you!
    • Create and reinforce powerful, positive, supportive beliefs every day in what
      you think, say and do.
    • Stay focused on your vision of what you know to be the truth. What you focus
      on expands. Where you place your attention is where you set your intention.
    • When you choose a financial truth, always state "at least" or "or
      more." For example, "I am now earning $10,000 or more each month in passive
      income." When you choose a material truth, always say "or better."
      For example, "I am now driving my cherry red Mercedes-Benz 500SL with cream-colored
      interior or better." Don’t limit your abundance or the Universe!
    • Be open to receiving in every area of your life. Expect the gifts, the miracles
      and the magic. Expand and open more to joy, love and abundance.
    • Indulge yourself in gratitude for every thing in your life. Every experience,
      every relationship, every penny in the street is a gift. Acknowledge the gifts and
      the blessings that are showered on you each and every day.
    • Be generous with yourself and others! What you give is always returned to you
      multiplied, and this is a confirmation to the Universe that you are ready, willing,
      and able to receive.
    • Be present for the present. When you’re in the past, you’re in guilt and regret.
      When you’re in the future, you’re in fear. When you’re present in the present, you
      have the choice to create limitless wealth and abundance.

    Make a commitment each day to your great wealth and success, and living a life
    that is full of rich, wonderful, loving, fun, healthy, abundant experiences! Have
    and know that you deserve it!

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    Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht., is a scientist who has turned her attention from the study of Nature to the study of Our Nature as human beings. An inspiring speaker and author, Debbie's revolutionary programs on CD and in print include Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind and Manifesting Made Easy. Debbie is the President and CEO of Cleaning Out The Closet Of Your Mind, Inc. She balances her international speaking and training seminars with a private practice in Southern California where she conducts workshops, teleconferences and seminars. Visit www.CleaningOutTheCloset.com to claim two free audios and seven beginning steps to Living The Life You Love To Live. Copyright © 2007 Debbie Friedman. All rights reserved.



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