The Secret and The Secret within You!

    There has been much talk of The Secret DVD, book and audiobook, as it has found its way onto major network channels and programs, including "Oprah." People are flocking to view the video and try out a new set of universal laws of attraction and abundance.

    But are they really new and recently discovered? Or have they been with us long before anyone spoke of becoming "aware," before this new age of enlightenment?

    Even 2,000 years ago, I recall the Master saying, "…And ye shall have Life, and have it more Abundantly." Perhaps He was referring even then to the same Truth that we have recently discovered – or for a better term, uncovered.

    Perhaps the real key in discovering, or uncovering, such universal laws lies in our "connection" to their Source.

    While it is true that the physical laws of the universe, such as the Law of Attraction, will indeed work for those who use them, I am hoping that we all take a few moments to remember WHY they work.

    They work because of your "connection" to the Source of the universe, the Beloved Creator. Without this connection, these laws would not operate.

    Your connection to your Creator is the most important connection you will ever have. Apart from this connection, nothing remains important for long. Realizing this connection is your first and foremost step into eternity. All else is and will eventually become an illusion of maya.

    With this connection, we can begin to experience the reality of attraction and abundance in our own lives. It gives you the power to attract whatever it is you want and desire. Is it a new house, a new car, a better job, health or a new relationship? I would suggest that pursuing "quality," rather than "quantity," will fulfill that part of you that is genuinely seeking the path for your highest good.

    So as you view The Secret and contemplate its truth, it is my hope that you will always use it to manifest what you really need to fulfill your highest potential, for your highest good.

    You are a powerful, manifesting being formed before the creation of the worlds, traveling on a planet fulfilling its own evolutionary sacred journey.

    My thoughts and prayers go with you as you come to realize the importance of manifesting your own destiny by using the true powers of attraction and abundance. May His words ring true for you, "that ye may have Life and have it more Abundantly." And I wish you well in each opportunity for spiritual growth on your sacred journey. Peace be with you.



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