The Secret Key of Your Divine Birthright


    There are a lot of figures in the world today embodying the concept of prosperity, including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump. These people are hard working, prudent and financially goal-oriented. But what about their spiritual development? Is there a secret key to living the abundant life whereby you don’t have to become a captain of industry?

    In the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, prosperity or abundant life is not a question of how hard you work or how thrifty you are. In the eyes of God, you are His beloved child, from whom no blessing, gift or love is withheld. The abundant life is each and everyone’s literal birthright, because we are sons and daughters of God.

    "Consider the lilies how they grow," Jesus said, "they toil not, they spin not; yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." In other words, they didn’t have "good jobs," but they were abundantly outfitted greater than kings. We should all regard ourselves as such "lilies."

    Have you ever noticed Nature (as a very tangible manifestation of the Divine) to be anything less than abundant? You can see the vast plentiful fields of grain, crops and fruits overflowing each and every year. Does the rain come down only just enough? Does not the sun literally flood the plains with light and warmth?

    The givingness of the Lord of the universe to man is similarly abundant. Abundance does not mean just money. It is happiness, living in a comfortable environment, having food and medicine, and living in a joyous, loving community. You were meant to have all of these things in plentiful measure.

    You cannot have too much. The abundance of the universe is not a closed, limited system where there is only so much to go around. By drawing forth an extraordinary amount of money or supply, you do not deprive someone somewhere else of their share. Universal abundance (in its many manifestations) is by nature limitless. This may upset some people’s sense of economic propriety, but it is essential to understand.

    On the issue of abundance, you must also understand the element of karma: energy that you use to help others will return to you in greater measure; energy that you misuse and harm others with will be subsequently decreased in your life. While the love of the Creator is so great that it showers us with graces and abundance wherever possible, that same love will not deprive you of your lessons in life in the form of your karma (the restrictions and limitations in your life that are set into place by your actions from the past or previous lifetimes.)

    This is the reason why not everybody on Earth lives today in perfect abundance; previous misuses of funds will result in fewer funds available today. The economic systems of the world try to right these wrongs, but they always fall short if they don’t take into account cosmic laws of prosperity.

    Despite our karmic blockages, the universe seeks to provide us with all the food, shelter and supply that we need. There are angelic intelligences that watch over us and direct all good things to us. We are not left comfortless, but many times we forget about our loving divine overseers and we start to bewail our existence and fall into all sorts of self-pitying episodes.

    The task in this case is to re-direct our attention from the "bad" things in our life (which are not really so bad in the final analysis) towards the light streaming from above from our higher selves and angelic ministrants and to be uplifted in consciousness and able to channel prosperity into our lives once again. Abundance is not necessarily hard work. It is attunement and transparency to our Divine nature working through us. The abundant life is, therefore, easy.

    One of the tools that the Ascended Masters have given us is the power of the spoken word, or decrees. Decrees are mantras in modern English that direct pure divine light from our higher selves into worded formulas of light, whether they be for healing, transmutation, illumination, abundance or anything else that we need. A very powerful decree for abundance uses the name of God, I AM: "I AM, I AM, I AM the resurrection and the life of my finances now made manifest in my hands and use today!"

    If you say this mantra with determination, concentrated visualization and faith in the cosmic power, you are invoking it and it will produce fabulous results. It may not happen overnight, but if you do so with consistency over a period of weeks or months, you should see an amazing turnaround of your financial affairs.

    Understand that you can have an abundant life. The secret key to it is that you understand your literal cosmic inheritance and that you employ some faith and diligence in invoking its manifestation into your life. Pretty soon, what was previously considered to be "rich" will become the "norm" for you.



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