Visual Attunement for Abundance

    We are coming to understand now that experiencing happiness,
    whether that be in love, health or finances, happens as we bring ourselves into a
    vibrationally conducive state. Our thoughts, words, actions – and especially our
    FEELINGS – create a message that is broadcast out from us, and that message creates
    the pathway for what we receive in return.

    To experience things that make us feel good, we must create pathways constructed
    of good feelings! There are many ways to create these pathways. Surrounding ourselves
    with music, words, people and imagery that resonate with what we want assists us
    in attuning to these vibrations.

    Visual imagery placed in your home, used in meditation, Feng Shui or healing sessions,
    shifts energy, transforms patterns and integrates new energies. Pictured with this
    article is the Abundance mandala from the Healing Attunement Mandalas level one
    series. The Healing Attunement Mandalas are prayerfully created channeled images
    of shapes, colors and symbols for healing and attunement to a variety of positive
    energies such as forgiveness, happiness, inner knowing and self-love.
    Let’s experience a visual attunement for abundance using the mandala pictured here.

    • Begin by creating a sacred space for yourself. You might burn some sage, light
      a candle, and make yourself comfortable.
    • Hold the abundance mandala or place it in front of you.
    • Gaze at the image softly, allowing your face and eyes to relax. You might notice
      different details, exploring the movement of the lines and the colors. Let yourself
      be drawn into the piece. Relax your mind and move into a FEELING space.
    • The colors, shapes and symbols will interact with you. Relax, receive and experience.
      Your energy field will begin to align with the healing energies of the mandala.
    • Express out loud or within: "I am prosperous. The world is a vast place
      of infinite possibilities that I now open to. I know that within me and beyond thrives
      a loving creative force that provides abundantly with ease and joy. I feel excited
      now as I know that the Universe, the Divine, is expressing through me and bringing
      wonderful gifts, blessings and surprises."
    • You may close your eyes now if you wish, smile and feel the goodness that embraces
    • Let yourself feel whatever you feel and love yourself for what is present in
      the moment. Feel love as you say "Thank you." Gratitude is a key element
      in experiencing abundance.
    • Journal. The mandala meditations can instigate some wonderful insights and revelations.

    Visual imagery has the ability to instantly shift vibration. If you are away from
    the mandala and wish to connect with the energies of abundance and possibilities,
    simply visualize the mandala as a light-filled image filling your aura. Placed in
    your home, it will serve as a beacon for abundance and work with you on conscious,
    as well as subconscious levels. Most of the time when we are feeling unhopeful about
    our finances or anything else in life, our perception has become narrowed. Let the
    abundance mandala serve to remind you of the infinite potentials and continuous birthing
    of possibilities that thrive in this existence. I wish you joyful abundance in all
    areas of your life!



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