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    Speaking from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 5, at Fargo Holistic Expo
    Tickets: $35 at (763) 433-9291 or toll-free 1 (866) 809-8080. All major credit cards accepted ($2.50 charge for advance orders & mailing).

    Echo Bodine first discovered at the age of 17 that she was born with psychic abilities and the gift of healing. Her abilities include clairvoyance (the gift of seeing), clairaudience (the gift of hearing) and clairsentience (the gift of sensing). Twenty-five years ago, Echo left the workaday world and became a full-time psychic consultant, healer and ghostbuster. She has also shared her gift with others as a teacher of psychic development and healing. During the last twenty years, she has written eight books, including Echoes of the Soul, Relax It’s Only a Ghost and Hands That Heal. Her most recent book is, The Key: Unlock Your Psychic Abilities in which she presents a clear guide to developing psychic abilities. Echo has been a frequent Keynote Speaker at Edge Life Expo and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows.

    What can guests who come to see you at Fargo Holistic Expo expect?
    Echo Bodine:
    My plan is to start by giving a half-hour talk on psychic abilities and intuition, on what they are and how they can help people in their daily life – and give little tips so that people can recognize their own gifts. Then I will do a guided meditation while channeling healing energy to the audience. The bulk of the time will be spent taking questions. I’ll draw numbers out of a basket and give readings to those with the numbers I draw.

    Do you sense that we all need more healing meditations at this time?
    Yes, I do. The world seems to be more of an uncertain place for people. Even in my own life in this last week, I found that when I stayed in my head and tried to organize everything and figure out dates and people and situations, I was just going in circles. But when I finally took the day off, away from the world, and just spent it in the silence with God, spending most of the time just listening, by the end of the evening I was centered again. I was grounded. I was focused. I got the dates that I needed. I got the topics that I needed. Everything came into place after I spent the day in meditation.

    I know that sounds kind of funny to people: "a day in meditation." It isn’t like I sit on the floor and say, "Om" all day. If I’m driving the car, I just stay in the silence and focus on listening to my intuition. All day, I just bring my attention back to, "This is a day to let God talk." I believe more than anything right now that people need to get grounded and not get overwhelmed.

    Would you recommend that we try to eliminate distractions as much as possible, such as television and radio?
    I’m not saying to cut those out, because they have their value, but we do need to find more time every day to just be in the silence. We really do – to connect with that Christ part of all of us.

    I’m not sure most people would recognize that silence is an important part of their life.
    It is. Some people think, "Well, okay, I’ll sit in the silence," but then they just sit and they wait, and then they get frustrated because their mind is thinking about the grocery list or what to feed the kids for dinner. Each of us has to find our way to hear God. A lot of people tell me that they get their answers in the shower or on their drive to work. We have to find what works for us and stick with it.

    Yes, we are a busy society. Most of us have way too much on our plates. So let’s find the ways to spend more time in silence. If you get your inspiration in the shower, then spend a longer amount of time in the shower. If you get your answers and guidance while driving in the car, then leave the radio off.

    What do you sense about the Fargo Holistic Expo and the value it will serve?
    I’m excited about the Fargo Expo. I’ve been up to Fargo and taught a large group of people about psychic development. The people were very open to this and they seemed really hungry or thirsty for spiritual food. I had a great time up there. It’s really smart to do expos in smaller cities, because a lot of people are searching right now.

    I look at your blog every now and then, messages that you give to all of us. You brought up the idea that Jesus may have returned to body.

    But not Jose de Jesus Miranda, the suburban guy from Houston featured recently on ABC’s "Primetime." In my opinion, I don’t think he’s Jesus.

    The thing that rubbed me the wrong way is about how he’s emphasizing the head over the heart. Did you catch that?
    Yeah, I did.

    And there were a lot of things that are were un-Jesus like, particularly his response to questions about compassion toward people who are poor. He did not seem Jesus-like.

    What is your sense of where Jesus is at this time?
    Boy, that’s a good question. Where do I go with this? The information has come to me that there is a man on earth right now who is saying that he was Jesus 2,000 years ago. Does he tell the world? Is he like Jesus of Suburbia? No. I have not met this man yet. When I tune into this man’s energy, I feel his heart. I have never, ever felt that kind of love or compassion in a human being, ever. That’s the only reason why I’m saying, hmmmmm, maybe it really is possible that Jesus has returned.

    I talk in my blog about when I was a little girl in Sunday School. I remember the passage from the Bible when Jesus said that before he comes back, there will be many false prophets who will claim to be Jesus. He said, "There will be no other way for you to know which one I am other than in your heart."

    I remember as a little kid not really understanding that whole idea of "in my heart" and what that meant. I only knew about the heart that pumps blood, not the emotional heart or the spiritual heart. The other night when I watched this Jesus of Suburbia, I told myself, "Okay. Let’s watch this with a very open mind and make no judgments. Let’s just watch it as an outsider." What I found was that my heart wasn’t responding at all to this person. If anything, my heart responded to all the people who believe he is Jesus returned. I felt bad for them, because you could see that there’s such a desire in them to have a Savior back here on the earth. But I didn’t at all feel like, "Oh, my goodness, this is the returned Messiah."

    The other thing that really turned me off about this person was his use of the number 666. The Bible tells us, "You’ll know the beast by the number 666." The fact that this man wears it on his hat and has all of his followers get 666 tattooed on their skin says to me, he’s making a joke out of the fact that people call him the Antichrist. I don’t think that’s a joke at all. I don’t think it’s funny to claim to be Jesus and then wear a hat that says 666 on it. Maybe I don’t have a good enough sense of humor, but it seems obvious to me that this man is not the man who was here 2,000 years ago.

    Do you think a part of our evolving as a collective humanity is going to the point where we don’t need a savior?
    Let’s go back to the other man right now who’s claiming to be Jesus, the one who is not going around saying, "I was Jesus." He’s telling a very select number of people that he knew 2,000 years ago. He’s still doing the same thing he did then: trying to empower us to recognize the Christ within ourselves.

    This man I have heard of is not saying, "Look to me as the Savior." He’s saying, "Okay, I’m here to try to get the message straight. What I was teaching 2,000 years ago hasn’t changed. I’m trying to get the message to everyone that they have the Christ within them."

    Yesterday I had an interesting experience. While I was getting a massage, I could tell that the pituitary gland of the masseuse was off center, or I don’t know how to explain it. I could see there was an interruption in his pituitary gland. He had talked to me beforehand about his problems with eating and digestion. So while he was working on me, I kept getting a vision of his pituitary. After the massage, I asked him if I could channel a healing to him, and he said, "Of course." So he laid down on the massage table and I just sat in the silence with him for 15 minutes. I had my hand on his third eye and I said, "To the Christ within myself, I am asking for you to heal this man." I’d never put it like that before. I don’t even know where those words came from, but that’s what I said.

    And then, I had an aha! moment. In the Bible, Jesus says to people, "The only way to God is through me." But, the thought came to me yesterday, what if Jesus really said, "The way to the Father is through the Christ in each of us." Instead of saying it’s through Jesus, the man, maybe he said it’s through the Christ in all of us. Religion, I believe, takes that away from us. They don’t want us to be empowered. They don’t want us to know about the Christ within all of us, and so they don’t take us down that road.

    I really believe that this man Jesus is back here once again to remind all of us that we have the Christ within each one of us. I’ve said it 100 times. Christ was not his last name. He was Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the son of Joseph, not Jesus Christ. It’s Jesus the Christ – and that’s what he came to teach us, that we all have that Christ within each of us.

    Do you have any political insight on what’s taking place in this country?
    Yes, I do. It’s time for this pendulum to swing back. It’s like it has to balance out. It’s off center. It seems now like it’s all about money and power. Let’s get it back to the people. We’ve got to get more people-centered rather than more power- and money-centered. We just have to.

    What is Echo Bodine’s greatest desire right now?
    Oh, man, it’s funny that you ask me that this week, because I’m walking around going, "What in the hell am I doing?" (Laughing.) It’s funny, but I’m not kidding. What is the most important thing? Just to help people get on a spiritual path. Teaching them about their psychic abilities or their intuition. Helping people find the Christ within themselves. That’s my deal.

    For more information on Echo Bodine, visit www.echobodine.com

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