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    An internationally acclaimed author, speaker, trainer and attorney, Kathryn Harwig has been an intuitive since birth and an attorney since 1982. She is the author of the best-selling book Your Life In the Palm Of Your Hand, as well as The Millennium Effect, The Intuitive Advantage and The Angel in the Big Pink Hat. Kathryn has trained thousands of people to use their intuition to maximize their career goals, relationships and life skills.

    At the Fargo Holistic Expo, Kathryn will discuss the world of Spirit as told to her by her guides, and she also will invite the audience to ask questions about their deceased loved ones. Kathryn will connect with those who have passed on and provide specific answers and greetings from those who are just beyond the veil.

    How often do you practice law now?
    Kathryn Harwig:
    Not at all. I’m on what’s called inactive status, as a matter of fact. I still have a license to practice, but if I wanted to actually do it I would need to take some continuing education courses. The likelihood of my actually doing that is about one in a million.

    So you probably won’t go back to practicing law?
    I would be very surprised, and life does sometimes surprise you, but that one would really shock me. I’m very glad to have some legal background and expertise, but I have no interest at all in actually practicing law again.

    Have you ever worked with attorneys about the use of intuition or psychic ability in their work, as you have with police departments?
    The primary group of people I’ve worked with in terms of training has been law enforcement. On occasion there have been city attorneys or public defenders who have come to those workshops. The workshop wasn’t deliberately tailored for them, but they got some information.

    On the whole in the legal profession, the one place that I’ve done a little bit of work on the side with other lawyers is in jury selection. They wouldn’t say, "Oh, Kathryn is here as an intuitive," but that’s one of the reasons that sometimes they’ll have me sit in and look at the people.

    Like the role of Allison DuBois in the television show "Medium."
    Actually, a lot of what she does reminds me of some of the things that I have done, although not nearly as much and not nearly as often.

    What do you think about the current programming that features psychic ability, intuition and mediumship on television right now?
    I have mixed feelings. The dominant feeling is that I think anything that brings this into the mainstream is a good thing for all of us.

    I’m excited that people no longer find that to be tremendously evil or "woo-woo" or any of those kinds of things. The part of me that’s mixed about it is that they portray it as very different than the way it works for me. On "Medium," and certainly on "Ghost Whisperer," they show the spirits as being so incredibly vivid. When people don’t have that type of experience themselves, they don’t believe it’s genuine. They’re waiting to have that kind of experience. For example, some of the times they have the ghosts attacking the main characters. I just don’t think that happens. I think it can happen, but it’s very, very rare. Certainly it doesn’t happen every week.

    So for the most part, what you experience with these spirits is more subtle energy?
    Yes, and invited energy. Both of those shows make it seem as if the spirits show up and summon this person in some fashion or another. It can happen, but my experience has been that most of the time spirits are polite people and they leave you alone unless you ask to speak to them. Basically, I think these shows portray the spirits as suckers.

    It’s almost like the medium on these shows is a victim in the situation.
    That’s how they portray it. When you think about Allison DuBois, she’s always waking up suddenly from deep sleep, "OHHHH!" Every time.

    I feel sorry for her husband.
    Oh, I do, too. And there’s no indication of her being able to say, "I choose not to let you do that to me." Similarly on "Ghost Whisperer," a spirit will show up unannounced and say, "I need to talk to this person." I have had that happen to me maybe four or five times. Most of the time when it’s energy I don’t want to deal with, I tell them I don’t want to deal with them.

    Both of the mediums on those shows have been stalked by people and by spirits.
    I hadn’t thought about that until we had this conversation, but they do make it sound as if the mediums themselves are victims of their circumstances, that they were born into it, they can’t do anything about it, they can’t control it and they simply have to do this or they’ll go crazy. And that is not my experience at all.

    They do speak to the fact that when Allison on "Medium" does want to get away from it, she’ll tend to drink alcohol to do so.
    Yes. That’s been an interesting, subtle plot that they haven’t explored much. I keep thinking they’re going to, because when she goes to see the other psychic, her mentor, every once and a while, they always have a glass of wine. The subtle thing they’re saying is that drinking is one way to get the voices to be quiet. In my own experience, that is true, and I do think it is a means that a lot of psychics use. But I think it’s extremely dangerous. In my particular case, it was not a good idea.

    Dangerous in what aspect?
    Drinking alcohol opened me up to spirits I didn’t want to talk to. It was like having an open door on my house and saying, "Come on in."

    Unwanted attachments?
    Yes. What I have discovered is that the people who come in without an invitation are similar to the people in our lives that would walk into your door if it was open. They are not people you would want to have come in, and the people that you like would not do that.

    Aside from mediumship, you do channeling with the Light Collective. What type of information have they shared through you in a general sense?
    The channeling piece is interesting. When it first happened to me, it was a spontaneous event and it terrified the heck out of me. The last thing I wanted to have anybody know was that I was doing it, so it took me a while to get used to that. Now that I am becoming more public with it. The Light Collective addresses people’s personal issues, and they also talk a lot about what I would call rules of life, or how life operates.

    Over the course of years, they’ve given me various principles, most of which we already know: that we are all one, that we create by thinking, and we activate by emotion. They have given some very nice general principles, and then if somebody wants to know how their job search is going, they’ll discuss that, as well.

    What do you plan to present at the Fargo Holistic Expo?
    People know me right now more as a medium, so I’ll be talking about what the spirits have told me as they’ve come through in regard to what happens after we die. I’ll talk a little bit about that, and then I’m going to take questions from the audience and connect with their loved ones if they would like that, or answer questions about their own life.

    Do you have a sense of what value the expo will serve for the Fargo area?
    I have a number of clients from that area, and it’s very interesting to me how many e-mails I’ve received from people from in that area who have heard about the expo coming. I got one recently from a woman in Fergus Falls who was so excited, because she feels so isolated. She hopes to find a group of like-minded people. So part of what I’m hoping the expo will do is give people a place to connect with other people.

    Do you have a sense of where we are collectively as humans, what we’re going through right now?
    I’m really very fascinated by the media stuff and really fascinated by the impact that The Secret has had on people. I’m just fascinated by that, because nothing on The Secret is new material at all. It’s elementary material, and yet, somehow the people who put it together had the energy behind it to make it open to the general public, and people are eating it up as if it was manna.

    There has to have been a bigger cosmic purpose that allowed that to happen. What the Light Collective is telling me is that it’s the Hundredth Monkey phenomenon. As more people believe in it, it becomes more acceptable. Pretty soon you and I and some of the people here who have been doing this stuff for a long time are just going to be out of date. They won’t need us. And I think that would be a good thing.

    Yes, and part of what The Secret also does is remind us of who we are, that we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. You are going to be presenting a new workshop to help people experience that, called "Have You Always Been Like This."
    I have big plans for that, Tim, if you want to hear about them. I already have a couple people in Holland who are interested in starting groups, and I’ve talked to people in a lot of areas in the Twin Cities, Owatonna, up around Fargo, too. My plan is to put forth a program where people can start the groups, run it out of their homes, have eight or 10 people together to talk. If they need or want structure, they will be able to get it at my website.

    Talk about channeled information! The whole concept came from the Light Collective. I was on my treadmill and they said, "Okay. Here’s what you need to do." I trust them, so I took notes and went and did it. I had four Native American women come in to see me. They want to take those concepts to their community.

    It’s really about becoming the person you’ve always been, the soul, going back to your soul personality. I’m doing a workshop on May 19, and then my hope is to launch it nationwide.

    For more information on Kathryn Harwig, visit www.harwig.com.

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