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    Speaking from Noon-2 p.m. Sunday, May 6 at Fargo Holistic Expo
    Tickets: $30 at (763) 433-9291 or toll-free 1 (866) 809-8080. All major credit cards accepted ($2.50 charge for advance orders & mailing)

    Tiffany Johnson, at an early age, showed an interest in metaphysical realms. At 14, she began reading tarot cards for friends and family. Throughout her life, she has continued to hone her intuitive talents and has connected with spirituality and deeper studies of holistic healing, herbs, oils, stones, energy work, past life work and angels. Now, Tiffany continues her studies and assists other people in theirs. She is an ordained minister and certified hypnotherapist, as well as a Reiki Master. Tiffany gives inspiration, insight and understanding into your ever-changing life. She offers guidance and messages from angels, spirit guides and those on the other side. Tiffany has received a positive response from the Fargo-Moorhead area through her monthly appearance on WDAY 93.7 FM (Y94), taking calls and providing psychic insight on questions and situations.

    At the Fargo Holistic Expo, Tiffany will speak on personal psychic development.

    What do you sense about the impact the Fargo Holistic Expo will have on the community there?
    Tiffany Johnson:
    Honestly, from the response that I’ve received since I’ve been on the Y94 show in Fargo and when I have been doing promotions – whether it’s through the radio or just personal stuff up there – there is such a warm response from the people in the Fargo-Moorhead area. There’s such a loving kindness there. I’m so excited about this event, probably more than I’ve ever been with any expo.

    I think the Fargo Holistic Expo will be an overwhelming success. I think it’s going to be embraced by the community -by the mainstream community and the metaphysical, spiritual and environmentally conscious communities, because all of those pieces make up Fargo’s citizens. I’m just so excited to be a part of it.

    People who will recognize your name probably will know it from the radio show that you do each month on Y94.
    Yes, I’m on typically once a month, from 7 to 8 a.m. in the morning with "The Morning Playhouse." It’s a Top 40 station, and you would think that it’s just 14-20 year olds listening, but I get calls all the time from people in their mid-30s and 40s. I think that speaks to the diversity of the station and also to the people who are wanting and needing psychic readings and are taking advantage of that outlet.

    Do you find on the radio show that a lot of people who call in have never seen a psychic in person? Perhaps they’re just calling to explore what it’s all about?
    I think that’s 90 percent of my callers. What’s really fascinating to me is that more and more men are calling in and dipping their toes into the whole idea of psychics and readings, rather anonymously through the radio.

    This is one of my favorite stories: A gentleman called me at the Fargo station asking about a missing person. I addressed him on air, and he actually called me back and asked if I would do more work on it. At that time, I explained to him that I’m happy to do missing person cases, but only when the police are notified about my involvement. If they don’t know a psychic is involved, then suddenly Tiffany’s a suspect. So with just a couple pieces of information that I was able to give him on air, he called back to the station saying, "Oh, my God! I believe in this now. What she told me about this guy’s ankle." I had said that his ankle was broken and described where he was very briefly, and it was right on the money. What I’m so proud of is that this guy started up a non-profit search and rescue team for missing people.

    He’s been subsequently in contact with me and asked me to be a part of this, which I am happily. What’s cool is that a 30-second phone call can impact somebody so dramatically. That’s what I’m talking about regarding the people in Fargo. They’re such good-hearted people. They’re so willing to be open and understanding – and then they’re going to take the next step with it. Sometimes someone will get a very superficial psychic reading and nothing is ever processed or thought about. They don’t do anything with the information. People in Fargo take the information so sincerely and really work with it. That is the dedication level that I personally, as a psychic, love to work with.

    What tips do you have for someone who’s unsure of what to do when they see or speak with a psychic?
    Just remain open to whatever comes through. Understand that you are in the midst of a process. You might not understand everything that’s coming through right in the moment. That’s okay. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It just means that right now, it’s not making sense.

    Understand, too, that you can handle anything that comes through in a reading. A lot of people come to me and they’re very nervous about what they’re going to hear, thinking it’s going to be frightening or scary. When you’re working through me, you’re working with Divine Order. God, Spirit, Universe is never ever going to give you anything you can’t handle. It comes back to that wonderful Mother Teresa quote, "I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that he didn’t trust me so much." You always get what you need. It might not make sense in the moment, but you’ll always get something that’s pertinent. Also remember, I don’t read minds. I am a person just like you.

    Do psychics tune into some people better than others – for example open-minded people better than those who are highly skeptical?
    It’s completely my belief that that’s the case. And I think some people just simply relate to some people better than others. I’ve been seated in front of some amazing people and have received nothing. I really don’t believe it was a case that they weren’t open-minded. Each person is different.

    Perhaps their energy field wasn’t meant to be seen?
    Perhaps I wasn’t meant to read them or perhaps they needed information they weren’t supposed to get psychically, something they needed to work through themselves.

    When I don’t get information from someone, it can be one of two scenarios: closed-mindedness; or they need to get the information in their own time and effort. I’m not too proud to say that I have turned people away exactly for both of those reasons. Sometimes it is the case that if someone received information from me, they would never accept it, so it would be a waste of time on both of our parts. Frankly, time’s valuable. In situations like those, I would choose to forego the fee, which is just paying for my time, not for my abilities, rather than to do a disservice to both myself and the client by wasting time. Psychics only have their reputation. That’s it. I don’t have a product to sell. All I have is what people say in my referral base.

    So it is important get an idea from other people about what psychic to visit?
    I think so, absolutely. We don’t typically go to a random dentist. I know teeth are very important to a lot of people and they should be, but I think seeing the right psychic for you is just as important. My style of speaking to someone is to just put it out there bluntly. Some people might not relate well to that style. You might need somebody who is very soft and gentle and very nurturing and comforting. I’m pretty frank. I absolutely try to give information as clearly and concisely and as kindly as I can, but, darn it, if you need to hear it, I’m going to tell you.

    I think the more honest, the more gritty, the more earthy a psychic is, the better the reading. They’re just channeling it straight through and I love that. That’s my style, too, but everybody needs something different.

    Are there other things that separate psychics?
    The whole term "psychic" has become this really huge umbrella term for people who read tarot, palmists, numerologists, astrologers, clairvoyants and mediums, but that is not really accurate. By definition, a psychic gains information externally through clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairalience (smelling), clairgustance (tasting) or clairsentience (feeling or knowing). All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Mediums are people who can speak to loved ones, friends or family members who have died. Not all psychics do that. I think most people make the assumption that every psychic is a medium.

    Or that every psychic can do everything.
    Yes, and it’s absolutely not the case. I don’t know how many times somebody comes up to me and shoves a palm in my face. I don’t do palms, but I do read tarot cards, which I think is very well known and understood. What distinguishes psychics is the modality you’re using to gain information – whether it is a divination tool or psychic ability.

    What is the benefit of visiting with a psychic? What does an intuitive reader do that is not offered by anything or anybody else?
    Objectivity and validation. Intuition in all people is becoming more heightened. Someone will sit down in front of me and I don’t know a darn thing about her life, and she’ll say, "Okay, what are you picking up on so and so, or this situation at work?" I’ll start throwing out information I receive – names, dates, situations, character traits, whatever – and she’ll look at me and say, "You know what? I knew it! I knew it!"

    Some people just want to be with somebody else who knows nothing about them or nothing about their situation, to hear that their own feelings were just as accurate. I think that is the biggest gift a psychic can really give. It’s not about fortune telling or future telling. It’s validating to someone that they are in tune with their own Divine Self, or Higher Self. It’s not about when they’re going to get married or what the sex of their child is. Now, those questions are very important, but I think just having the validation and understanding that somebody else is objectively seeing things the same way that you’re seeing them, without judgment, is huge.

    You’re confirming their intuitive abilities.
    Exactly! And then they’re empowered. I think it’s so important.

    I’m not going to name names, but I see a lot of psychics out there nurturing a lemming-type approach, and I don’t believe in it. I believe psychics are meant to empower the community. When I see a client and I give him that validation or I give him that objectivity, he can leave my office saying, "You know what? I was right on. I don’t need to see a psychic, because I was right with myself." That’s a huge thing. I don’t believe psychics should manipulate people to draw people in. You hear those stories all the time.

    Psychics who try to create a dependency.
    Yes. That is not right. It’s funny, because several times a week someone will always ask me, "Well, when should I come back?" That question is always kind of baffling to me. It’s like, "Well, when you feel you should." I’m not going to tell you to come back in a month or a week or a year. Come back when you feel ready, when you have that internal nudge, when something may be a little off whack that you need to get some insight on.

    I think psychics can give empowerment and objectivity.

    For more information on Tiffany Johnson, visit www.readingsbytiffany.com

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