A Preview of New Books, Music, Products on The Horizon of Edge Life’s View

    New on 2012: It’s subtitle reads: "Armageddon is not what it used to be." The new film by Sacred Mysteries Production, entitled 2012: The Odyssey (written and directed by Sharron Rose) features noted experts and best-selling authors Jose Arguelles, Gregg Braden, John Major Jenkins, Rick Levine, Terance McKenna, Geoff Stray, Moira Timms, Alberto Villoldo, Jay Weidner, Inka Elders and others who offer insight into the turbulent and transformative nature of the times in which we are living as well as hope for the future of humanity. In this feature documentary, author Sharron Rose travels across the United States speaking to the many experts about the end of the Mayan Calendar and prophecies from civilizations around the world that predict the closing of this world age and the start of a new beginning for humankind. In anticipation of this fast-approaching prophecy, the film’s guests reveal the secrets that will unfold before our eyes and shape our future. "The new film 2012: The Odyssey brings together science, mysticism, the occult and common sense…all of them point toward personal revelation and earthly changes of the greatest magnitude…," notes Duncan Campbell, host of the global website www.livingdialogues.com. For more information on their work go to www.sacredmysteries.com

    New meditation CDs: New Age music typically recalls soothing notes from a synthesizer or a grand fusion of electronic tribal rhythms with nature sounds. But there are three new CDs classified in the genre that are anything but. "Music for Deep Meditation" is a set of three recordings especially engineered with authenticity to still and nourish the mind. Unique in the category, the production was directed by a meditation expert and includes experienced meditators and yoga practitioners. The CDs include: Chanting Om – the sound "om" is believed to be the primordial vibration of the universe, and here it is chanted in a continuous unbroken stream, and on track two ensemble singers improvise, adding angelic sounding harmonies and other musical dynamics. Tamboura – The tamboura has been used for centuries in India as an accompanying instrument in Hindustani classical music. The resonant drone of the stringed instrument is a favored background sound for meditation. It is hypnotic, deeply calming and simple. Tibetan Singing Bowl – Tibetan Buddhists have used handmade metal bowls for meditation and ritual for thousands of years. The resonant sound produced is mind-calming. The "Music for Deep Mediation" CDs are available at www.apsari.com and major online music sites, as well as wellness centers throughout the U.S.

    New on Joy and Happiness: A recent major study investigating the effects of meditation on the brain found that mental training in the areas of compassion and loving kindness can have dramatic effects on brain function. One of the subjects of this study was Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, who was handpicked by the Dalai Lama to participate. Mingyur Rinpoche is considered a prodigy among the masters of Tibetan Buddhism, and in his new book, The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness (Harmony Books), he shares his wisdom and guides readers down the path to a healthier, happier life through meditation. In The Joy of Living, the author teaches us how to change the direction of our thoughts and perceptions through meditation, revealing how we can create positive changes in our minds, bodies and lives. The Joy of Living is available at Amazon.com or your favorite bookseller.

    New on life before birth: A unique book perhaps never before undertaken, Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth (Whispering Winds Press) presents ten true stories of people who planned common life challenges – physical illness, having handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, losing a loved one, and severe accidents – before they were born for purposes of spiritual growth. Author Robert Schwartz consulted with mediums and channelers to reveal not only the metaphysical significance of these life events, but uncover the fact that these life challenges were planned by each individual before incarnating in their bodies. The purpose of the book is to remind us that we all come into body for a unique, divine purpose, and that challenges in our lives are part of our spiritual growth. Courageous Souls is available at Amazon.com or your favorite bookseller.



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