In Memorium: Eric Frank Sommermann


    Eric Frank Sommermann, Ph.D., R.S. Hom(NA), was a passionate and gifted homeopathic practitioner, teacher and leader committed to serving and supporting the professional homeopathic community in Minnesota. Dr. Sommermann, founder of the Northwest Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis and dean of the institutution, also co-founded the North American Society of Homeopaths and was a key founder and officer of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association. He was a full-time homeopathic practitioner with Homeopathic Practitioners, Ltd. in Minneapolis, Minn. He was a beloved member of the Linden Hills neighborhood. Dr. Sommermann died unexpectedly on Sunday, March 18, at the age of 48. He is survived by is wife Shelly, sons Jimmy and Nikolai, parents Fran and James Sommermann, and brother Mark. An Eric Sommermann Scholarship Fund will be established for students of the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy.

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