How can we fight it, when so many deny it?
    When in our blind little world,
    Our sun shines.
    Every researcher, every study, every survey;
    Has both a motive and a contradiction;
    But our sun shines.
    It is money that dictates who should be denied,
    And it is money which dictates who’s to be tried;
    But our sun shines.
    There’s so many pharmacies; supplying too many drugs,
    For illnesses we helped create.
    But our sun shines.
    We submit to governments in our bewildered state.
    Blissfully blinded we consume our toxic waste.
    But our sun shines.
    Our glorious blue skies fuel our stupefied haste,
    To get whatever we can from this bright, sunny place.
    How brightly it shines.

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