Triangles and Universal Values


    The fate of all peoples and nations is determined
    by the values which govern their decisions.

    All who closely study human nature will recognize an expansion of human consciousness taking place in the world today. A narrow and insular state of mind is opening into a more inclusive and tolerant awareness. This unfolding thought pattern is revealing new and constructive ways in which we interact with and relate to life: spiritual, human and phenomenal.

    The higher values of the soul, universal in appeal and application, are beginning to forge a progressive world order, which transcends religious, political and racial divides. Around the world men and women of goodwill demonstrate these values in their inclusiveness of spirit and their concern for the well-being of all life upon the planet. Their goodwill in action, in the crucible of daily life, is sounding an increasingly spiritual note and is beginning to determine the future course of world events.

    Barriers that have in the past separated are being removed to reveal the one humanity, as the facilities for travel and communications technology open doors through which humanity can converse with itself as never before. "The agony and the ecstasy" of human unfoldment is a shared experience, as events in the world are relayed through the ethers by way of the intercommunications networks. Out of these collective experiences is emerging a higher ethos of spiritual values releasing humanity into a period of constructive engagement with the higher and the lower kingdoms.

    In the long course of evolution, the quality of values has become ever more refined, more adequately reflecting the divine. What were acceptable standards, codes of conduct and attitudes of heart-mind in the past are not "mainstream" thinking today. The world, spearheaded by all people of goodwill, cries out for values that embrace the idea of a great community of nations united in aspiration for the common good.

    It is this developing sense of unity within the human family that will be the outstanding characteristic of the incoming Aquarian dispensation, a cycle of 2,500 years. As yet, this quality is but a seed idea, steadily growing in the minds of spiritual thinkers, and expressed as right relationships by people of goodwill everywhere. But, probably, in a shorter period of time than we realize, the universal values of the soul will play an increasingly important role in shaping public opinion.

    Triangles: Serving through the power of thought
    The spiritual radiance of the Triangles network is helping to reveal and anchor a culture of the soul, right values to live by in civil society. Acting as an interface between the subliminal, archetypal levels and the denser outer world, the network is uniquely placed to impress human minds with the higher realities, so that ultimately the destiny of all peoples and nations will be determined by the values that govern their decisions.

    Much of the distress in the human family today is quite simply the result of separative and materialistic thinking, creating a blockage, and restricting the natural flow of energy from the spiritual to the material worlds. Yet there are a growing number of individuals and groups working through meditation and the power of lighted thought to re-connect humanity with its divine source, to transform human living and to develop a new social order inspired by right human relations. Triangles is one such initiative.

    Founded in 1937, Triangles grew out of the work of Alice Bailey who wrote 24 books of esoteric philosophy over a 30-year period. Today, there are countless thousands of individuals in the world, drawn from many backgrounds, races and religious traditions that work in Triangles to develop a deeper rapport between the spiritual, human and natural worlds. To date, people of goodwill in nearly 120 countries have formed triangles.

    About the triangle: The triangle is a powerful symbol of the divine, and the idea of the trinity lies at the heart of many spiritual traditions. The triangle is an archetypal form, a basic energy pattern within the universe. It acts as a focus for spiritual energies emanating from the higher realms. Triangles seek to help reconnect humanity to its soul so that the transforming energies of light and love can flow into the world, bringing goodwill and enlightened thought to bear upon world problems, healing divisions and fostering right human relations.

    How to do the work:
    The work is quite simple: three people agree to form a triangle and to link up in selfless, spiritual thought. For a few minutes each day, they visualize their triangle within the Network of Triangles of light and goodwill enfolding the planet. They then say the Great Invocation – a world prayer – and, as they do so, release light and love throughout the Triangles network and into the consciousness of humanity, impressing all open hearts and minds. The beauty of the work lies in its simplicity, and in its potential to inspire human thinking along the lines of right relationship to all of planetary life. Their focused appeal for light and love draws a response from the spiritual center of life, establishing an energy flow from the inner to the outer levels of consciousness.

    Expansion of Human Consciousness: The evolution of human consciousness is one of a steady movement out of darkness into a clearer light of understanding and wisdom; such has ever been the spiritual journey of humanity. It is interesting to note that the most ancient prayer in the world focuses upon the theme of light: "Lead us, O Lord, from darkness to light; from the unreal to the real; from death to immortality." In the world today the penetrating light of thought is being directed into all aspects of human life, revealing all that is noble and at the same time bringing to the surface the ills of our modern world. No stone is being left unturned and humanity is having to come to terms with the legacy of past mistakes and yet formulate a "thoughtform of solution" to the challenging issues of the day.

    Triangles is simple, yet deeply scientific. It calls upon all those who use this technique to work with the power of selfless thought, to work "behind the scenes" and transform the lower levels of human consciousness to more adequately express spiritual quality. As more triangles are formed, so the radiance of the network expands, buttressing the effort to impress sensitive minds with spiritual ideas, which are necessary for human progress. And all who work in Triangles recognize its role of cultivating a lighted mental atmosphere in which the seeds of right values, of beauty and of compassion can flower in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

    If you are interested in forming a triangle and require further information at no charge, please contact: Triangles, 120 wall Street, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10005, visit or e-mail [email protected]

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    Mark Salzedo is editor of the Triangles Bulletin, a quarterly Bulletin published in 12 languages and distributed throughout the world at no charge. The Bulletin focuses on spiritual themes relevant to the Triangles work, such as meditation, consciousness, spiritual values and of course, the energy of goodwill in world affairs. Visit Copyright © 2007 Mark Salzedo. All rights reserved.


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