Bonding with your Dog


    How do you bond with your dog? Unless your answer is "I don’t have a dog!" I bet you are thinking of things like playing ball or Frisbee, going for long walks in the park, wrestling, a bike ride together or maybe even something like Agility or Flyball. These are all great activities, but injuries, behavior challenges or simply age can limit them. Sometimes pet owners don’t realize there are quiet ways to have quality time with your furry or feathered or finned loved one. Getting trained in Reiki is a simple and rewarding way to enhance your care of your pet.

    Reiki is an ancient healing method that involves directing or channeling "universal life-force energy" to a person, animal, plant, planet, substance, organization or situation. Because this is universal energy you are channeling, not your personal energy, giving a Reiki treatment often will leave both you and your pet refreshed and relaxed. Everyone is capable of learning to do Reiki, and the training is typically simple and inexpensive.

    Reiki always works for the highest good, sometimes working in pleasantly surprising and unexpected ways! Rarely are we in possession of all the facts in any situation, so I find it very comforting to know that when I send Reiki I can be confident that the highest good is being served, even if I don’t know all the facts.

    Animals are uniquely sensitive to energy and energy healing, probably because they do not second-guess and over-think life. Energy work is a fantastic way to work with injured or frightened animals, because you do not have to touch or manipulate them to get results. Most animals find a Reiki treatment to be relaxing and enjoyable, and feel refreshed afterwards. Reiki is helpful with nearly anything you can think of – animals that are abused, abandoned, injured, frightened, exhausted, overwhelmed, recovering from surgery, having training or behavior difficulties, transferring to a new home, welcoming an new family member, aging…and the list goes on. It is very important to remember that Reiki is not a substitute for appropriate veterinary care, but works seamlessly with necessary medical treatments and often enhances results.

    One of situations where Reiki is absolutely invaluable is with a pet that is getting ready to transition into the next life, or pass on. Because of the gentleness and non-invasiveness of the energy, combined with its trait of always working for the highest good, Reiki is able to support and assist the pet in their transition without interfering. Perhaps most importantly of all, being able to offer Reiki helps the owner/guardian feel part of this natural process instead of feeling helpless and isolated.

    Admittedly, most Level 1 Reiki classes are designed more for use with humans than animals, but there are resources for the pet owner in the form of classes, books, websites. You may have to look a little harder, but if you choose to receive Reiki training to use with your animals, I’m sure you will agree with me that it adds a whole new positive dimension to your relationship with your pet!

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    Tai Salisbury
    Tai Salisbury has shared her whole life with animals. They have loved her, supported her, guided her and taught her at a time when she was unable to trust human contact. Through them, Tai has grown and healed and learned to love humanity again. She now offers healing services to humans as well as animals and offers guidance on recognizing the amazing gifts your animals offer to you. Tai is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level 2 Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner, Certified Veterinary Technician, Certified Master of Crystology and Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers. For more information, please go to or call (612) 296-2867. Copyright © 2006 Tai Salisbury. All rights reserved


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