Creating the Relationship of our Dreams: Is there Something We’ve been Missing?


    Relationship is the final human frontier. So says visiting channel, Jennie Marlow, who will present a workshop at Echo Bodine’s The Center on July 21-22. Marlow and her spirit guides will explore groundbreaking principles that can transform the way individuals solve their most challenging relationship problems.

    Jennie Marlow"There are new models that can provide deeply practical solutions for the issues we face when we attempt to relate to each other in a higher way," says Jennie Marlow, who conveys her guides’ teaching with a candor and authority that has inspired groups throughout the country.

    After struggling for decades with New Age models, Marlow says she hit a wall. It became clear: something vital was missing from the doctrines she had been studying.

    "I was religious about it," she says. "Picturing the outcome. Believing with all my might it would happen. Saying affirmations. Directing my attention to only positive thoughts. Finally, I had to admit the truth. While all of this was better than being negative, or focusing on what I didn’t want, it was not creating the life I wanted."

    During a sabbatical for inner development in 2002, Jennie – a former Silicon Valley executive and turn-around consultant – met and started working with spirit guides, Spotted Eagle, Grandfather White Elk, and White Buffalo.

    "The material they presented was not only inspiring; it was revolutionary!" she says.

    Marlow says that her guides introduced her to concepts that received no attention in her decades-long search. They pointed out that imagining how the future will be, and believing that our fantasies will come true, is a misdirection of our energy because our lives are not lived in the future; they are lived now. Perhaps more importantly, fear of the future and regrets about the past drive everything in us that is out-of-power.

    "Where there is a concentration of fear and regret, there is a lack of flow," Marlow says. "This means that if we hold a lot of fear and issues about a certain area of our lives – like relationship – no amount of positive thinking, affirmations, or envisioning is going to bring about a dramatic shift in what we create.

    "Relationships can be like a mine field for our issues. Many of us have no idea how to resolve conflict in a way that allows both parties to keep their power and authenticity. Instead, we’re conditioned to compete for dominance, get into power struggles, or avoid the conflict altogether. When we are afraid, we live from a model that is purely biological: dominate, or be subservient to someone who does. This is our glorified monkey-mind at work, and it is devastating to our trust and intimacy."

    Overcoming fear and resolving our issues are at the core of Jennie Marlow’s work.

    "Issues and fear distort our perceptions," she says. "When someone does or says something that triggers us, our unresolved pain surges up to overwhelm our reality. Pretty soon, we’re reacting, not to what is actually in front of us, but from a lifetime of pent up emotional charge."

    Marlow says that learning to have difficult interactions that are in-power allows relationships to be based on love that is truly unconditional. "Fear and issues are the obstacle to creating the relationships we long for, and overcoming these things is the reason we are here."

    Her guides, she says, tell us that the Earth plane is a classroom about fear, and that if we are here, it is because we have an intention to learn how fear divorces a soul from its essential nature: unconditional love, joy, creativity and ease. Marlow’s guides call these feelings essence, and they ask us to recognize that beneath everything we think we want, there is a desire to experience essence.

    "You can see clearly that when we do not make an essence-rich choice," she says, "it is usually because our fear and issues won’t let us choose authentically, from the heart. The Mind starts conjuring up scenarios, and pretty soon our authentic, essence-rich desire is lost as the Mind’s fear and issues overwhelm our reality. This is the pattern – the pattern of perception, behavior and choices – that this work confronts and resolves."

    Marlow says that her own life has provided her with a framework for experimenting with her guides’ teachings.

    "I’m the lab rat!" she says, grinning. "And I don’t mind it. When this group of guides came into my life, I had reached the point that if I could not demonstrate that something worked the way they said it did, I was not about to buy into it."

    This, she says, has helped her teach by example. "I make no bones about my foibles. I’m human, and I’m learning this stuff right along with everyone else who is coming to this group of guides for assistance."

    When asked what has made the most difference in her experience with Spotted Eagle, Grandfather White Elk, and White Buffalo, Marlow says, "It would have to be that you cannot keep your fear and issues, and create the life you want. Relationship can be so difficult to navigate authentically. After 16 years in a miserable marriage, I found the real thing. I’ve been with my second husband for 17 years now, and it just gets better and better. We can be authentic and in-power. We can be vulnerable and trusting. It’s a relationship that truly occurs in sacred space."

    The corporate life far behind her, Jennie Marlow is lecturing, teaching workshops and giving private consultations to a growing international clientele. Jennie’s guides have produced an extensive body of work on relationships, personal creativity, money, business and psychological and physical healing.

    Carolyn Dunow, a Minneapolis-based Energy Healing Coach, will host a free evening event with Jennie and her guides at 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 18, at The Center, 323 W 48th St. S., Minneapolis. Call toll-free 1 (866) 270-3783 or e-mail [email protected] to register. Jennie Marlow’s "Relating Soul-to-Soul" workshop will be from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday, July 21, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, July 22, at The Center. For more information about the workshop, "Relating Soul-to-Soul," or to download a free recording, visit

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    Carolyn Dunow
    Carolyn Dunow is an Energy Healer in the Twin Cities who is trained in a variety of healing modalities, including Inka Shamanism, QiGong, Theta Healing, Reiki, DNA, remote healing and other metaphysical interventions. She practices and teaches Energy Healing throughout the country and is the organizer for the Twin Cities Meetup group for Energy Healers through Contact her at (952) 432-8173 or visit Copyright © 2007 Carolyn Dunow. All rights reserved.


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