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    How to Know God, based on the bestselling book by Deepak Chopra, 67 minutes (Chopra Media and Frank Productions), $19.98, available now at www.chopra.com or Amazon.com

    In a visually appealing documentary that blends fascinating images of the cosmos with macro and microscopic reflections on human existence, How to Know God explores humankind’s search for answers about the beginning of life and the nature of the divine intelligence that created it all.

    Such is the breadth and scope of this video. From the banks of the Ganges River in India to the Great Pyramids of Egypt, author Deepak Chopra escorts us on a philosophical dialogue in which he investigates the meaning of creation, miracles, immortality and existence itself.

    Chopra draws upon ancient wisdom and clues from modern-day scientists for understanding the nature of our soul’s origin. He explains the role of mythology, religion and science as very different ways of trying to decode the universe. And he uncovers the quantum "mirage" through an exploration of Einstein’s theories of space and time and quantum physics. He tells us that our soul is the connection between this "virtual" self and our physical self.

    In the film, he asks, "After centuries of knowing God through faith, are we ready to understand the infinite intelligence of God directly?" He says our personal qwest to know God is done out of pure selfishness, because we want to be the creators and authors of our own existence.

    How to Know God is a moving portrait of a journey that may never end. For the ultimate paradox is whether we truly meet God when we die, or as mystics contend, our entire universe is an illusion and only God is real.

    The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, based on the bestselling book by Deepak Chopra, 64 minutes (Fox Home Entertainment), $19.98, available May 8 nationwide

    As much as the film The Secret has moved people to greater personal awareness, Deepak Chopra introduces us to universal principles that are just as profound as the law of attraction in the new DVD The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, which will be released this month. Based on his bestselling book, this film reveals the nuggets from the book’s teaching: the law of pure potential, the law of giving and receiving, the law of karma, the law of least effort, the law of intention and desire, the law of detachment, and the law of dharma.

    This film features true accounts of spiritual awakening by such notables as singer Olivia Newton-John (whose original songs are part of the soundtrack), Minnesota entrepreneur Tom Gegax, director and actor Bill Duke, and musician Dave Stewart (formerly of the Eurythmics). They reveal how these laws were directly responsible for helping them to realize more happiness and success in their personal, artistic and business lives.

    At the age of 42, Tires Plus founder Gegax found himself in a "waking" sleep. "I thought I was awake, but I wasn’t." He had defined happiness has making money and having sex, and he thought he had it made. In time, he became more self-aware that he was indeed sleepwalking through life, and through personal growth he found true happiness.

    Chopra reminds us that "true success is measured by how efficiently, how effortlessly, you have learned to co-create with the universe."

    "In spiritual terms" he says, "success is the expansion of happiness."

    The compelling narratives, intertwined with Chopra’s essential teachings, are deeply profound and offer principles that anyone can employ to create success and abundance in all areas of life.

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