Kryon 2007: Returning to Minnesota


Lee Carroll, who has been a conscious channel of the angelic energy known as Kryon for the past 18 years, is not a "woo-woo" new ager. He was a meat-and-potatoes businessman and audio engineer who said God hit him square between the eyes with spirituality and his life has never been the same.

Carroll is fully conscious when the Kryon energy speaks through him. As a result, he has spent nearly two decades learning – and living – the same conscousness-shifting information that hundreds of thousands of people have experienced through eleven books that contain direct transcriptions of Kryon’s teaching about the revolutionary path upon which humans are now walking. His new book, Kryon Book Eleven: Lifting the Veil (The New Energy Apocalypse), explores the future of life on earth, including the meaning of 2012, and continues sharing the same positive outlook that has existed since Book One.

Carroll has spoken in 13 countries, and his books have been translated into 24 languages. He has appeared in all but a few states, and on Saturday, June 23, he will return to Minnesota, speaking from noon to 5:30 p.m. at Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center in Savage.

The Kryon channel recently spoke with Edge Life just prior to his long-awaited first visit to Russia.

"I’ve been putting all my DVDs in Russian, and, of course, all of the Kryon books are in Russian, including the newest one," Carroll says. "There is just an explosion of interest. I’m quite sure if this works well, we’ll be going back many times. You talk about an awakening area, WOW!

That’s exciting. Everyone who I have met from Russia has convinced me that Russians and Americans have so much in common.
Lee Carroll:
For the last 50 years, these folks have been told there’s no God, and so they don’t have a religion to get past. They are really ready for everything that we have, and there are a lot of them waking up to the fact that they don’t like the systems they’re seeing at all.

Because of the number of Russians who I have talked to over the years here, showing up throughout the states with their Kryon books – especially those who are my age, in their mid-60s, I have learned that we all have experienced that same kind of stuff between us. When they were the Soviet Union, their leadership was having them hide under bunkers, preparing for atomic attack, just like ours was. It’s interesting to hear what they were told and what they did, because it was the same thing Americans experienced at the same time. They were as afraid of us as we were afraid of them.

After all the years, you start comparing notes and you wonder, was the fear justified? Well, it probably was, but it wasn’t the people. It was the leadership on both sides, perpetuating it all.

And, in some regards, I think both countries have similar things to fear right now in their leadership.
Absolutely! But what most people don’t recognize is that in looking at America, we give them a snapshot of democracy after 200 years of working it. Their democracy is like ours was in the 1920s. It’s what I call "savage democracy." It’s every man for himself. It’s the worst of the Flaglers and Rockefellers and the very, very rich and the very, very poor. They’re learning how to sell stuff, and it’s not very pretty.

Let’s give our readers a brief reminder of who Kryon is, for those who don’t know.
Kryon is an entity from the other side of the veil whose name sounds like spray-paint (laughing). It’s a funny sounding name. It’s an angelic energy. For those who believe in channeling, you’ll have no trouble at all thinking that a person can go on the other side of the veil and get help. If you don’t like channeling, then you shouldn’t be reading it. You shouldn’t be reading this article, actually.

I like to say that Kryon is an angelic energy who gives information. Kryon has been here only since we made the decision in 1987 to start changing things.

I am the original Kryon channel. There are now many Kryon channels all over the earth. Kryon told us early on that there would be nine core channels, myself being one of them who would be the one selected a long time ago to publish and present in countries and kind of plant the seeds and get the ball rolling.

Has your perspective on channeling changed since day one?
Yes. It changes all the time as I become, I would say, more mature within it. I’m starting to understand that channeling is a partnership, not a takeover, and this partnership must include the human being who’s doing it. In this new energy, the human being must pay attention to the information and live it, or they won’t be giving much new information anymore.

So as a result, your life has changed dramatically.
It has changed dramatically, for the good. I don’t know how to say this clearly, and I’ve thought about it a lot because we’re learning every day, but there are a lot of channelers, especially new ones in other countries who don’t understand the partnership involved in channeling. They are setting up shop to make money. And it’s not working. People can see right through that. It’s just not the way that it is done. You’re either a pure vessel doing your best to go on the other side and sort it all out, or you’re not. And a lot of people are starting just now to discern how that works. The information truly is starting to show how accurate it is – even to the uninitiated.

Give an example.
There are some people in Europe who said they’re going to channel Kryon. They’ve seen me a couple of years come and go, they’ve seen the big crowds, and they say, "We can do this." They have a metaphysical experience and so they say they’re channeling. Whether they are or not is anybody’s discernment. They’ve started organizations that require people to go through classes and steps – and then you start to realize Kryon has never said anything like that. There are no classes. There are no steps. There are no schools. But these people are setting them all up.

So, you look at it and say, "Wait a minute. For 18 years we have seen the way it is and suddenly they’re saying this other thing." So, you get a chance to see that that’s not right. That’s discernment. You start to realize that they’re mixing the commercialism with the message.

Has Kyron spoken about spiritual enlightenment and how to get there?
Many times.

How does he define it?
Spiritual enlightenment is when a human being decides to look inside to see whether there is an internal system that makes more sense than any other system that men might put forward. When you do that, and when you start to become aware of yourself and what’s inside and always has been inside, it opens the door to history. It opens the door to a profound self-examination of all of your energies. And the more you open the door, the more you discover. Then you realize that spiritual enlightenment has nothing to do whatsoever with any of the 3D relationships that men want you to have with systems on earth. Enlightenment truly is discovery of self.

If you want to label things and go to a postulate of how stuff works, bring in something called cosmic intelligence, if you believe in God, whatever that means to a reader or yourself or a spirit. Understand and trust that as you open that door, the steps are all there, but they’re custom made as you go, for you, by this cosmic intelligence. It’s the same thing as when Christians gather together and pray for peace on earth. They trust that their prayers are going to God, and God is distributing them in some way that makes sense.

Energy is given to the places on earth that need it. We all believe the same thing, and it’s called anything you want to, but I like to call it cosmic intelligence. Trust the bigger picture for your own body, for your own life.

How do you summarize the essence of Kryon’s most recent messages to us?
I think the essence of the most recent messages of Kryon have not truly changed since day one. He finds different ways of saying it and wraps it around more and more current information that people can understand.
The message is to turn inward and find what he calls "the love of the family inside," and in that self-introspection you will find all the power to create peace on earth.

One of the things that’s happening right now that is so amazing is an organization called One Voice Movement []. It is not a right and left organization. It’s not a group. It’s not a peace organization as you think of peace. It’s an organization based on a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. When you watch the video on the website, you will realize that for years this has hardly been underground. This video is introduced by King Abdullah II of Jordan. There have been hundreds of meetings. Votes have been taken, with 76 percent of Israelis and the Palestinians choosing a two-state solution. They’re going around their leadership.
When you see this video, it makes you cry because you’re realizing that exactly what Kryon has said must happen is taking place at the grassroots level on its own. But we’re not seeing it on the news. It’s sort of an old joke, but here we are with good news on the planet that needs to be shouted from the hilltops and I have not seen anything on major news about this.

We contacted One Voice Movement people immediately and asked if we could have a copy of the video so I can show it in Russia and show it in Montreal, and show it everywhere I go, and they said it was not a problem. But they’re so careful to say, "We’re not political." They’re not. It’s about getting together and not about hate. That’s refreshing. I’ve been to Israel twice and never knew this was going on.

It is really cool. And it’s also on You Tube [search One Voice Movement] and it’s getting out there, everywhere. Pretty soon it will be old news, and that’s the way it should be. It’s not just some folks got together and holding hands and sing "Kumbaya."

Why do you continue to serve humanity in this way?
I have no choice. My passion is what I’m following, and my passion yells at me that this is the course – and it is the most obvious, comfortable, peaceful thing I can do.

This is what we teach. What makes you feel peaceful and what makes you feel correct in your heart is what will drive you forward.

How has the presence of this Kryon information changed humanity?
I’m not sure that it has. I think the jury is out. This is information that humans will take and do with what they wish. Kryon has been very clear about that. No matter what God does, no matter what Spirit does, it’s meaningless unless the humans are the lighthouses for it. God doesn’t do anything to the earth. He/She/God works through these points of light called humanity. We will see over time what people do with this as we really are going to start shifting. If we do, it won’t be Kryon. It will be a lot of information coming from a lot of places with Kryonesque information. It’s not proprietary.

Would you say Kryon is like a mirror held up so we can see ourselves?
Yes. And even more than that. I think it’s an invitation to become a vehicle and a vessel for the light of God, for the light of Spirit, to let cosmic intelligence flow through you. Kryon always says that this is not evangelical. You’re not supposed to go run around and give people a Kryon book. The way you live your life is the testament to whether people will be interested in who you are and what you’ve got. The proof is in the living.

Eventually if you do these things and start the self-discovery, you will stand out. People are going to say, "You know, you’re balanced. You’re not like these other folks at work. How do you do it? How do you keep peace in your life?" A long time ago when I started this, I thought about my life and how I treated family and clients and problems, and I started relaxing more – and I got solutions instead of anger and craziness and drama.

What can people who attend your event in Minnesota expect to experience?
New stuff. Perception challenges. And good channeling.

Is it something that you would say that somebody should come to with an open mind and perhaps be willing to go somewhere that they are not right now?
Yes, not with their belief system, not with their spirituality, but with the reality of what they think is before them. I like to stir people up and make them think about what we’ve been talking about here, and that is, is there more than you’re seeing? And, if so, what is that? Isn’t that an indictment to see it?

Has Kryon given us an indication of what’s next for us?
Yes. He did it 18 years ago and did it just recently. When I was in Mexico I was so privileged to find a scholar who was working with the Mayan calendar. He had worked very closely in the vertical observatories and has been one of the scholars there. When we got together, he told us that what the Mayans really discovered was that the world has gone through literally eons of energy shifts. It’s not about the moon and the sun moving around and eclipses and solstices, it’s about a wave of energy that goes up and down and up and down, and by tracking this energy wave, you can track the Renaissance and the Dark Ages and movement of civilization in groups of hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of years. The Mayans were very esoteric, as well as being astronomers.

What these ancients gave us, and what they told us about 2012, which you can find in Kryon Book One, is that it’s the beginning. It’s the marker point of the upswing into a Renaissance kind of energy. We’ve passed the Armageddon, which was our choice, and now we’re moving on toward the 2012 energy, an upswing of energy. We’re starting to see the end of the macho leadership, the chest pounding, the gorillas who are walking around saying, "I’m better than you are."

It will slowly give way to a lot more wisdom and a lot more gentle, balanced leadership. We may go through two more presidential elections before we actually see it here, although you’ll see the start of it coming at the grassroots level. But it’s also happening in other countries. Kryon says watch for all of these kinds of things in this upswing energy of 2012. There won’t be a flashbulb that’s going to go off, but the Mayans say it will be the start of true Renaissance. That’s what we’re gearing up for. That’s why Kryon came in in 1987.

It’s exciting to be here now, isn’t it?
That’s what Kryon says. He said the ones who are awakening now are truly old souls on the planet. That’s you and me and the ones who’ve been here for a very, very long time, because we’ve got the experience and our spiritual jars are filled. We’ve been there and done that. You can’t expect the whole world to awaken. Probably 1 percent of us will make it work. Kryon shares a metaphor. If you take a glass containing millions of molecules of water that are all pure, and you put a drop of flavoring in the glass, suddenly you have a glass of flavored water. That’s the way it works with us. What we have is not infectious, but it does change the planet.

Edge Life will explore 2012 in our December issue.
It’s a great story. That’s what I’ll be talking about in Minnesota.

We’re already seeing grassroots change, shifts toward more community. Look at the young people gathering in My Space and sharing on You Tube.
It is the start of something. Look at the last election, what the mainstream old school found out about blogging. Millions of human beings are finding out all at the same time about things that are not on the news! And then you get a whole different perspective on what Kryon says, that when everybody can talk to everybody, there can be no secrets. Even those sworn to secrecy in the government are starting to talk when they feel a moral issue is at stake.

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