Stepping up to Our Planetary Role

Christina Rose grew up in Chisholm, Minn., on the Mesaba Iron Range under an “assumed” name. I knew at age 3 that I was different. I thought I could fix how I felt about my gender identity, so I went up to my father and told him that his son that carried his name as a “junior”…really was a girl! I very quickly realized that it was very unwise to ever say that again.

So I became a top student, an Eagle Boy Scout, a football player, captain of the swimming team and a record-setting miler…all things men are to be growing up. I married a beautiful woman and had two boys I love with all my heart, who also have the courage to love me. I was the first to hold these boys when born and I told them that I would love them always, regardless of who they were to become in life. And they got to do the same for me when I went through a gender change at age 48. That was after I was married for almost 20 years and had worked as everything from a Russian linguist/code breaker in the U.S. Army Security Agency, a high school teacher, a corporate Director of Training and Development for a few major companies and a vice president of sales living in Paris, negotiating multi-national contracts. All of this occurred as I was helping to re-structure the grid of the planet for the ascension of Mother Earth by traveling to more than 100 countries.

I left corporate America when I realized I had the ability to help people heal themselves and I could be a powerful vehicle for light and love and change. I went from being a corporate consultant and motivational speaker to being a speaker, teacher and healer to those whose role it was to assist the planet and humanity with the changes the new century would bring. I have died more than six times, been hit by lightning twice and experienced interaction with beings from many star systems and planets…many in physical form serving our incredible planet and humanity.

Being Transgender

Yet I now walk the planet as a woman after having been surgically changed from the man’s body I lived in for 48 years. I have the joy of sharing this change with people of all types. It gives me the ability to walk into a room and almost instantly tell how evolved everyone is…for they cannot hold back their prejudice and fear (if it exists) of a transgender person…especially one who looks them directly in the eye, drops all barriers and opens their heart to express their love.
This role of being a transgender person has taught me much. For instance:

  • Gender is part of duality. Duality is limitation and a hindrance to the evolution
    of both humanity and the planet.
  • Hiding the fact I am a transexual moves me from one closet to another – severely
    limiting my ability to share my open heart with large groups of people who are conscious
    and capable of loving me in return.
  • Being transgender is about gender identity…not sexual preference. These
    are two totally different concepts.
  • The impact of estrogen on a person’s body is profoundly different than testosterone.
    I went through puberty and menopause in the same year and gained a whole new perspective
    on the role of hormones. Having men stare at your breasts and rear while hormones
    add tonnage to your overall body is frustrating, as well as challenging. Within six
    months, I had grown my mother’s upper arms and thighs.

So one might ask, why the heck would a person who is spiritually aware, blessed with the ability to work with energy to help humanity and the planet shift… come into this world as a gay, lesbian or transgender (GLBT) person?

Gender role shifts

Only now am I beginning to understand it myself. As the Earth begins her ascension process with all the changes that entails, humanity must also release the duality in all forms. Gender is one of them. As the frequency or vibratory rate of the planet increases, each person must evolve by integrating the male and female aspects of self. Men must integrate the divine feminine and women must integrate the divine masculine in order to become the wholeness of being necessary for ascension.
We have been living in a patriarchal society where men controlled behavior of the genders. Back in the 1980s, the pendulum started swinging to empower women. Most men have basically neglected to respond to the warning signs that change was occurring. The result: women have integrated the divine masculine much more than most men have integrated the divine feminine. Relationships have come up for review and dating habits have changed.

Women have become more independent and assertive. They walk away from relationships and aren’t afraid to address the issues that are up for review. One of these planetary opportunities is when the consciousness that is Gaia is shifting the planet and activating a fusion of the gender roles….creating balance within each of us.

Men on the other hand, have often attempted to stick to the old ways of control and found their whole identity and gender roles are no longer acceptable if they want to be happy or in a relationship. Integrating the feminine strengths does not make a male weaker! It simply opens up options for dealing with situations in their lives they did not have before. Emotion and feelings are to be shared and understood vs. suppressed. Parenting is truly now a two-person job – especially when the indigo and crystalline kids are being born encoded with gender roles of the New Earth.

Earth is the last planet in this solar system to evolve beyond the third dimension. All of our sister planets have already gone through ascension and are waiting for Earth’s humanity to join them. Many of our evolved Galactic Federation partners have worked for years to assist us with the process of waking up spiritually…especially in the process of keeping us from destroying ourselves as we tried to survive in the duality here on Earth.

The GIFT of Being GLBT

Being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender in the society that has been America since our inception is not a role for the weak of heart. It teaches one about self in ways few life experiences can. Every aspect of self is up for review and judgment – starting with self judgment. This is even before society’s judgment impacts you.

Yet, learning to love oneself opens up the doorway of being a teacher and healer for so many others (straight or gay) who have given away their power to external sources. Rather than doing the spiritual preparatory work of understanding that our true connection to source is from within, so many people in this culture live their lives as victims.

Having the courage to love oneself by being open and respectfully a GLBT person on a planet where gender roles are so clearly defined/limited, opens the door and prepares humanity for the apparent changes we are soon to experience as a beloved member of the family of light.

From a larger perspective, as soon as humanity gets beyond war as the choice for handling differences, and love and peace are acknowledged and accepted as our birthrights, then we can open to joining with the star beings and sister planet occupants who have been guiding and protecting us over the last century and more. By giving Earth beings a chance to learn how to accept people of different genders and sexual preferences, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people have helped prepare humanity for ascension and for joining the rest of the galactic federation.

By stepping up to this role and by learning to love and accept ourselves, GLBT people complete the challenging mission of being changemakers at a crucial time in the history of planet Earth. And so it is.



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