Moving Toward our ‘Grand Tomorrow’


    Greetings! I’d like to share a few words on how Edge Life is working behind the scenes to bring a higher quality and more improved package of information and inspiration to you – in the printed Edge Life magazine, online at and through our expanding expos and events in the Midwest USA.

    The staff is working hard to refine the way we present information on spirituality, healing and holistic living. We are dedicated to reaching a larger readership by merging the energies of all three ways we communicate with you – through the magazine, website, and expos and events.

    We are in the process of redesigning our magazine to present a more bold and fresh face on spirituality, healing and holistic living in the Upper Midwest. New columnists and features will make Edge Life an exciting place to explore body, mind and spirit. We are initiating an exciting advertising campaign for the magazine, by making use of much more color on the printed page and by expanding our distribution into 75 top corporate campuses and high traffic locations, as well as in Fargo and Des Moines.

    To showcase our entire package, we will be blending our magazine and expo websites into one cohesive unit that will make navigation to all of our varied packages of information (magazine content, directory listings, information on submitting articles and advertisements, specific information on each expo and symposium) much easier and more enjoyable.

    Improvements in both print and online will coincide with the addition of one brand new expo (Des Moines, Iowa – March 15-16, 2008), as well as our current expos in Minneapolis (November 9-11, 2007 and November 2008) and Fargo, N.D. (April 19-20, 2008), creating a synergy that will be aligned with our goals to be ahead of the curve for the advent of changes that will be in harmony with the December 21, 2012 convergence that will affect the planet earth and beyond.

    The Edge Life staff members will use intuition and all available resources to guide our readers in this journey toward the year "2012." Noted writers and speakers from around the world, as well as the Upper Midwest, will continue contributing to our expos, magazine and website to help us achieve a seamless transition to "Grand Tomorrow."

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