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    Harmony For Life™

    Supporting the harmonious self-empowerment of people and businesses

    Uptown Office Park, 3249 Hennepin Ave. S., Suite 255, Minneapolis, MN 55408,

    (612) 825-4898, toll-free 1 (877) 825-4898

    On May 1, 2007, Mari Tankenoff and Scott Berger opened Harmony for Life™ – a worldwide wellness center for people and businesses who want to experience increased life harmony, satisfaction and success. With an unconditional and holistic approach, they offer both telephone and in-person life coaching, life counseling, life consulting, and holistic healing & bodywork services that promote and support your self-empowerment and realization of chosen life and goals.

    "Together as a team, and individually, we offer people and businesses the flexibility to experience and transition between several programs and services," Mari Tankenoff says. "We mindfully chose to position and avail ourselves worldwide, utilizing our toll-free phone number to best partner with and support clients across the globe. We also thoughtfully selected the Uptown Minneapolis neighborhood, where we reside, as the location for our physical wellness center. The Minneapolis community-at-large has demonstrated a high commitment to wellness. We created a uniquely beautiful, serene, and welcoming environment for our clients and visitors."

    For whom is Harmony For Life™ intended? "People and businesses who are motivated to reduce disharmony, experience increased harmony, and realize their true potential and self-empowerment!" Scott Berger says. "We’ve taken great care to ensure the affordability and accessibility of our programs and services to best serve our clients."

    For those who visit Harmony For Life, Mari and Scott say they will experience the feeling of being attended to, supported, listened to, welcomed, respected, and self-empowered.

    "For many," Mari says, "it will be an experience that inspires them to self-motivate, believe in themselves, and shift their life paradigms to make way for a new way of being that best supports their chosen goals and journeys.

    "For us and our wellness center, this begins with intention – the essence behind or that which precedes thought. It is our true intention to be catalysts and partners to the true experts – our clients, themselves. Working alongside clients to bring forth their innate wisdom, gifts, and selves, is a genuine joy. We share the gift of our own intentions with our clients. In turn, and over time spent working with clients, we, too, see this gift emerging within them and extending outward. Our clients are their own best experts."



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