Education for the Good of all Children

    What is it about our children’s development that we, as parents, are most interested in? Wouldn’t it be great if we could guarantee the happiness of our children? While there is nothing foolproof in life, what we can provide to our children are the strategies to help them achieve happiness, confidence and well-being.

    One such method now available to help with this is the Brain Education (BE) System, which is becoming widely used by parents and in schools across the country. The BE system enhances a child’s ability to adapt and process information easily and peacefully, enabling them to make the best choices for themselves. Its intention is to create better students and healthier people. Through consistent BE practice, children gain a sense of empowerment towards the creation of a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. BE-trained children demonstrate a wide range of advanced mental skills, including information processing, memory and even extrasensory ability.

    Brain Education is especially appropriate for today’s children. Media technology, such as cable and internet, provides a constant and unlimited flow of information. Youngsters must choose which ideas to accept and reject. Their choices in this regard will affect their patterns of thinking about themselves and the world around them. The job of the educator and the parent is to help guide children in making these important decisions. Brain Education, in its essence, offers simple tools that provide children with the power to choose and use information more effectively.

    The first two steps in Brain Education are brain sensitizing and brain versatilizing – both of which are the most relevant to children of young ages. Brain sensitizing includes some basic understanding of brain structure and creates awareness of the brain as the organ of all perception. Brain versatilizing is where children will gain increased flexibility of the brain. They will learn to shift point of view quickly and to facilitate communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

    The brain-sensitizing process begins with relaxation of the body and mind through stretching and breathing exercises. They include simple physical exercises that stimulate the brain, as all movement requires intricate coordination between the body and the brain, which in turn helps to create new brain connections. Some of these exercises include tummy tapping, push ups, brain watching and drawing, bow and arrow and brain relaxation.

    Incorporating physical exercise into your child’s daily routine will create stronger brain connections and develop a greater sense of confidence and accomplishment that comes with physical strengthening. It will be invaluable to them in many areas of life.

    Brain versatilizing includes physical exercises that develop coordination, mental exercises that require quick thinking and prolonged concentration and other activities that develop creativity and imagination. A truly flexible brain is one that is open and ready to learn and does not avoid the difficult and unusual. It can be enhanced by creating balance between the two sides of the brain. Some typical exercises in brain vitalization include hand coordination, circuit drawing, breathing exercises, meditation techniques, matching games, counting and clapping and balancing movements.

    As your child masters these two steps, he/she can move on to the next three levels of BE, which include brain refreshing, brain integrating and brain mastering. While your child will have to face the difficulties and obstacles, BE teaches how to face hardship with the undying confidence that the answers to life’s problems already exist within them.

    Parents who use the Brain Education program to proactively help their children uncover their best qualities and potential are providing them with a timeless and precious gift.

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    Beth Bay graduated from Cornell University with a Psychology degree, completed a publishing program at NYU, and holds a Masters from Baruch's College of Business. She has been in the marketing and communication fields for more than 20 years and has been practicing Dahn Yoga for over one year. She has been the acting publicist for the Healing Society for the past year. Please contact her at Copyright © 2007 Beth Bay. All rights reserved.



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