Jeffrey’s Journey, Self Hypnosis, Wonderful Ways to be a Family

    Jeffrey’s Journey: Healing a Child’s Violent Rage, by Debbie Jefferies and Larayne Jeffries (Quick American-Publishers Group West, Oakland, CA 2005) $12.95

    At the age of seven, Jeffrey had been asked to leave every school he had attended, treated by sixteen different doctors, prescribed at least sixteen different psychotropic drugs, and admitted to inpatient mental care three times due to his oppositional defiance. No facility in the state of California would accept a child at his young age for the level of treatment and security he required. After four years of administering a constant stream of ineffective medication to her son as advised by doctors who barely acknowledged her, Jeffery’s mother, Debbie, was rapidly becoming an advocate for removing her son from all medications. When the government threatened to institutionalize Jeffery out of state, Debbie and her conservative Christian family decided to look for alternative treatments. First introduced to the idea of medical marijuana when she was a teacher’s aide for a high school class using the subject for debate, Debbie decided after extensive research and personal deliberation to give the drug a chance. "Within half an hour of ingesting that first piece of [marijuana infused] muffin, I had a new child." Jeffery’s Journey is the story of a young child’s struggle to overcome the grips of impulse disorder, ADHD and a plethora of other diagnoses. Through a narrative bursting with love and hardship that only a mother could tell, the book includes documentation of Jeffery’s behavior, the multitude of treatment attempts, the complexity of the decision to use medical marijuana, the resulting publicity and court proceedings, and the shattering defeat when the federal government raided their legal supplier and Jeffery’s magic formula was lost forever. More about the right of a family to fully explore alternative treatments than a publicity piece for medical marijuana, Jeffrey’s story is one of compassion that will resonate with any family who loves a difficult child.

    Self Hypnosis: New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation, by Adam Burke, (Crossings Press, Berkeley, CA 2004) $14.95

    If you are anxious for change or working toward a personal goal, self-hypnosis as taught by Dr. Adam Burke can assist you to reach your full potential with power and confidence, even if your dreams feel too big to realize. Because our ability to manifest is restricted by our mental constructs about what is possible, we must modify our beliefs in order to actualize our desires. Through taking a few minutes to focus on a goal and gently entering into an open state of mind, limiting beliefs can easily and effectively be transformed thus opening your path to success. Written in brief, engaging and deeply informative chapters Self-Hypnosis expertly guides you to the creation of a personalized self-hypnosis session to reach your specific goal. Burke, a research psychologist, acupuncturist, and educator, systematically dismantles the structure of belief and offers self-hypnosis as a tool to modify current patterns. Working within the body-mind model that has proven successful within his practice, Burke exposes the error of Western psychology in its attempt to use "left brain logic and language to deconstruct the left brain belief structure" and advocates for the Eastern approach of quieting the left brain while working with the right brain, thereby circumventing the self-preservation mechanisms that block beliefs from being changed. Going far beyond affirmations which work only on the conscious level, Burke details self-hypnosis sample applications for a wide variety of issues including: anxiety, addiction, prosperity, pain, procrastination, love, weight management, and sports performance. While the theories around hypnosis remain somewhat controversial, Burke’s program of self-hypnosis offers an easy to follow program to open your mind and enable you to reach your full potential.

    Wonderful Ways to Be a Family, by Judy Ford (Red Wheel / Weiser, San Francisco, CA, 2006) $14.95

    Grounded in the principles of love and laughter, Wonderful Ways to Be a Family gives you a plethora of skills to sustain or revitalize your family no matter if you define your family by blood or friendship and even when some family members have paws and tails. "When attending to family matters, do it with a light heart," offers Judy Ford, family therapist and educator. Basing her wisdom on three decades of work with children and families, Ford explains that when asked to describe their parents, children often say they do not smile enough and spend their time barking orders like "Don’t forget your lunch." How do you want your children to describe you? After all, children learn and become what their role models teach. Focusing on creating unity rather than competitiveness, Ford relays ways to develop caring, kindness, and the ability to share love in your children. Steeped in the communications skills vital to every successful relationship, Ford advises to make sure your home provides a proper safe haven from the stresses of the day, create a team identity for your family, keep rules flexible, be willing to be wrong, appreciate feelings, welcome bad moods, turn off the television, and most importantly make time to frolic, romp and play! "Family life is a journey of love, of self-discovery, of sacrifice, and of celebration." While escaping the quirks and annoying habits of your family may be impossible, Ford helps you to at least lighten the atmosphere with laughter.



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