Opening to Sacred Purpose

    First of a four-part series

    What does it mean to open to sacred purpose? This is a question often asked when individuals register for one of Venus Rising’s Sacred Purpose Workshops. I usually tell them that somewhere deep inside they already know what it means or most likely they would not be attracted to the subject matter. In fact, they are probably right on the verge of discovering that they are much more than who they think they are and are getting ready to step into a “bigger picture.”

    Many people have settled for the so-called status quo and some are still trying to get there. However, there is a whole new breed of souls who are divinely discontented with what they have or who they have been thus far in this incarnation. They are truly ready to remember their original intent for coming to planet earth in the first place.

    At first this may feel like a gentle nudge or feelings of restlessness around the daily routine. Some people say they feel “called” by an inner voice or some outer circumstance and synchronicity to wake up. This awakening feels like coming out of a dreamlike or fog state and suddenly becoming more aware and alert in your being.

    Opening to Sacred Purpose is something that everyone has access to, but it takes a lot of courage to choose to explore this opening. The ego’s agenda and the soul’s purpose may actually be at cross-purposes with each other which can be quite disruptive to one’s life. It is only those who are already committed to a spiritual path, or those who are experiencing deep discomfort with their present way of being, that are willing to open up more fully.

    In a nutshell, being open to your Soul Purpose means listening to and stepping into who it is you truly are in your heart at any given moment. Sometimes a person suddenly realizes that a theme has run through their entire life leading up to a cataclysmic moment where they now know “this is what I am here to do.” Sometimes we realize that yesterday’s soul purpose is today’s ego agenda. In other words, we keep growing, and as we spiral around the great wheel of change our soul’s purpose will also keep evolving.

    More and more people are not willing to settle for an ego-bound life. We see hundreds of individuals each year who are consciously beginning to co-create their lives with a higher power, what we refer to as their Inner Shaman. Many are awakened to this greater reality through the powerful healing journey of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, offered at most of our workshops. As one person put it, “Once you do Shamanic Breathwork™ you cannot go back to sleep and if you try to you will be miserable.” That is why we often say to individuals…“do not breathe with us if you want things to stay the same in your life!” This is a highly transformational process; the Soul will emerge and your ego will have to deal with it.

    The good news is that once you surrender your ego and begin to learn how to trust the process, things get easier and life gets a lot more interesting. The truth is that “what you bring forth will save you, and what you do not bring forth will destroy you” (attributed to Jesus Christ teachings).

    So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to know more about why you are here? Are you ready to let go of that which stands in your way of truly being in right relationship with your higher self and higher power? Are you ready to know with your whole being that you are here for a reason and that your life has meaning? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then congratulations—you are already on the path of the heart and on your way to true self-discovery.

    We too are on that very same path of direct inner experience and look forward to seeing many of you along the way as we all journey together.



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