The New Look: A Design for a New Time


    Edge Life magazine next month will feature a bold new redesign and a return to more "edgy" topics in spirituality and healing, and a more streamlined facelift of its website will synchronize both Edge Life magazine and Edge Life expos into a single easy-to-navigate site.

    Edge Life mastheadBeginning in September, the magazine’s bold "edge" nameplate will return, in honor of the seven years in which the publication was known as "The EDGE." In addition, editorial content will include new columns by local author and intuitive Kathryn Harwig, as well as nationally known healing educator Barbara Brennan, an astrology column, a Q & A column entitled "Earth Talk," and a spirituality related comic strip we think you will enjoy, "Let it Steep" by artist Terry W. Post.

    Featured topics will be related to spirituality, healing and our shared journey as spiritual beings having a human experience. We are open to your ideas. Please email your suggestions for featured topics by September 1 to [email protected].

    Online, visitors to will be able to easily navigate to and from the magazine and expo websites. We think you will enjoy the seamless transition from reading and searching for content from Edge Life magazine and immediately finding information on all the special events – expos, symposiums, and speakers – brought to you by Edge Life.

    Delve into the magazine and improved website next month. We are interested in your comments. Please send them to [email protected].

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    Tim Miejan
    Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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