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George Catlin will present "The Way into the Heart of Humanity: The Return of the Teachers" at 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, at Minneapolis Convention Center. This is a free talk.

On the way the world’s people will come to experience peace: Most of what I’m about to say are not "my thoughts"-at least in any original, point of origin sense-but rather the ideas that life Itself seems to be trying to think through millions of us right now.

class=”alignright”>We’ll experience peace when we stop beating on one another in our desperate, misguided struggle to "get ahead," wherever that is. Actually most of us are just trying to not get left behind in the scramble for more and more material wealth…and we’re the wealthiest country on earth. Imagine how the majority of the world feels. They see our wealth and want it, but don’t stand a chance of getting it. Today, 27,000 people starved to death (and just as many starve every other day of the week) in a world that produces a 3 percent per capita surplus of food every year. Do we really expect or even want "peace" in this kind of a world?

Peace will come when we establish justice, and justice will come when we embrace the principle of sharing as the foundation of right human relations. Sharing. It is so simple-something we were supposed to learn in kindergarten. Remember? It turns out this simple practice is the key to the spiritual destiny of humanity. We are alive to learn to love, to become the love that lives in potential in every human heart. That’s the point of the whole dance. We incarnate over and over again to gradually transform our consciousness until we are real love for everything while in the body right here in the midst of this rough and tumble world. That’s the path before us…and the really good news is that a whole group of individuals have gone before us on the path, have stayed with us (though behind the scenes) forever, and are now returning to open roles in the world to remind us of who we really are.

I know that’s a big paragraph with lots of grand claims, but it’s the truth that I place before audiences all over North America, simply asking that they, like you, hear the evidence and test the hypotheses I present.

On the role of the New Age at this time: We are literally in a new time when new energies make possible the advance of human consciousness into a greater realization of our essential unity. Sharing, putting into actual practice our highest ideals of love and right relationship, is the very essence of the New Age. Again, we are alive to learn to love one another. Sharing is a giant step in that direction. It brings us into harmony with one another and into harmony with God/Life/the Great Spirit-whatever we want to call that core reality of which we are all a part. We are alive to bring our ideals into practical expression, to create the Kingdom of God on Earth. The time immediately before us will present an unparalleled opportunity to do just that.

On what he wants to offer to the world: Hope. For many of us, this is a dark and trying time. Our nation is behaving poorly on the world stage, and global problems look like they may exceed our willingness/ability to solve them. But we will solve them. We will have untold help in the form of great, inspiring leadership that will call to the very best in humanity, and the best in humanity can solve any problem. We will remember who we really are because these great teachers can at least temporarily "part the veil" that separates us from our true, deepest self. They can also point the way forward toward sharing, justice and peace. Then we get to decide what we will do. It is always up to us, but they have said they can see the future we will create and it is golden.

Peace is our destiny. We will create it. Unimaginable help is already among us gradually emerging into open, public work. Very soon you will see the first of these teachers perhaps coming forward in surprising ways-never claiming any special spiritual status, never looking for followers, but simply offering insight into our deepest problems. We will solve those problems. There is every reason to be deeply optimistic about our future, the future we will create.

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