An Edge Life Expo 2007 Preview


    Troy Parkinson will present "Mediumship and the Movies: How Hollywood Presents Spirit Communication" at 6-7:15 p.m. Friday, Nov. 9 at Minneapolis Convention Center. Tickets are $20 available at or $25 at the door. Call 651.209.6689 or toll-free 1.866.390.3343.

    On what he offers the world: I provide mediumistic services for people. I am able to connect with spirits on the other side and relay messages to the people I sit with. I also am an inspirational speaker and filmmaker.

    On who has most inspired him: My mentors, Revs. Simeon Stefanidakis and Stephen Fulton at the First Spiritual Temple in Boston, played a big role in my path. Their mediumship development course and guidance through the years have been invaluable. Ultimately, my wife, Chanda, has been the biggest inspiration and motivation for me on this path. She knows me like no one else. She daily encourages me to remember who I truly am, and her consistent support is why I’m here today serving how I’m serving. She is my best friend and I am extremely blessed to share this journey with her.

    On what he is most proud of creating or accomplishing: As a medium, I’m most proud of the sessions I’ve had with parents who have lost children. In my experience, kids have a very strong way of coming forward, and when a son or daughter can connect with their parents to say they are okay, it’s a very touching experience. As a filmmaker, I’m most proud of my work as a producer/director for a Discovery Health television series, "House of Babies." The series airs in 29 different countries and follows midwife Shari Daniels and her work at a midwifery clinic and school in Miami. My wife and I used a midwife with the birth of our first son, and to share that message is very rewarding.

    On the message he will be conveying at Edge Life Expo: I will be blending my experience as a filmmaker and medium with a presentation called "Mediumship and the Movies: How Hollywood Presents Spirit Communication." During the first half of the presentation, we’ll discuss a handful of film clips that capture the magic and miracle of spirit communication, and we’ll explore how the connection occurs in the "real world." The second half of the presentation will be a gallery style event where I offer spirit communication readings to the audience.

    On why he supports Edge Life Expo: I believe the Edge Life Expo is a wonderful event that helps bring consciousness to the masses. I’ve traveled down to the expo in Minneapolis for a number of years and it is so wonderful to see such great speakers and wonderful offerings here in the Midwest. It’s always refreshing to know that you don’t have to travel to New York City or Los Angeles to find these conversations…they’re happening right here in our backyard.

    On the role of the New Age at this time: My experience has taught me that people are always hungry for the conversation and the concepts of the New Age. With all the "fear" that exists in the world, it’s very important to bring messages of love and light to the collective consciousness.

    On the public perception of what he does: With a home base in Fargo, N.D., I was concerned about sharing this work in the Midwest. But I was pleasantly surprised by the positive response. One of my goals in sharing this work is to help educate people on what mediumship and spirit communication is and what it isn’t.

    On a book or film that has affected his life recently: I’ve just recently started reading Life After Death by Deepak Chopra, and I really enjoy his perspective and wisdom on the afterlife. I’m only in the first few chapters, but it’s so refreshing to read about Deepak’s upbringing in India where the concept of the afterlife was just a part of life. I know upon completion that this will be one book I’ll reference for years to come. It’s a very peaceful experience to read about perspectives that you already feel inside.

    On how he stays connected and grounded: I have a 4-year-old son and he definitely keeps me grounded. My son Jacob is one of the greatest joys in my life and he’s helped me learn more about the present moment than any book or experience ever has. There is no past or future for a little person. There is only the now. Daddy I want to draw Now. I want to play Now. I want go outside Now.

    On what he does to have fun: Because I am a filmmaker, watching movies would be on the top of my list. Our family also loves to travel. This past summer we went on a West Coast tour and visited Oregon, California, Hawaii and Montana.

    On what he wants to achieve personally in this new century: I plan to continue to be of service and share inspiring messages from spirit. And I’ve had some inspiration on some unique ways to blend my filmmaking and mediumship, so I look forward to seeing how that manifests. Just this past May, my wife and I also started a company called Parkinson Productions. We produce and present inspiring workshops, products and events for the spirit, mind and body. We look forward to continuing to educate and share holistic work with communities throughout the U.S. and world.

    On why people are afraid of being who they truly are: I believe people are not being who they truly are because they are afraid of success. I can speak from my own experience. Last May when I left my job to pursue my own business, it was scary…but it also felt wonderful to be able to share who I truly am-fully. We live in a "looking good" world where the illusion is that it is better to "look good" than be who you are. The ironic thing, though, is that you actually look the best when you are being who you truly are. There is a good deal of support in our society for doing the norm and following the fold. Many times people are inspired to go their own way, seeing a possibility for themselves outside of what their neighbor is doing. However, the fear of what others will think, combined with going out of our comfort zones, keeps us frozen in ways of being that don’t line up with who we truly are.

    I always ask myself that when my life flashes before my eyes at death, what do I want to see-me being afraid and trying to follow the fold or me being who I truly am and having my soul shine as bright as the sun?

    On death: My perspective on death and dying has shifted since I started my study of mediumship. I’ve seen so many spirits come forward sharing messages of hope and healing from the other side, and the miracles that can occur through the work of mediumship are life changing. As strange as this may sound, I’m actually looking forward to my own transition to the other side. Of course, I hope it’s not for a long time, but when it’s my turn, I look forward to being engulfed by that magnificent light and beginning that incredible journey.

    On the way the world’s people will come to experience peace: I believe peace starts from within. When we are able to find peace within ourselves, we will find peace in the world. If we can get that we are not just individual humans, but wonderful spirits, who are all connected, we’ll discover how we gain nothing by killing or discriminating others. There is truly no "other." There is only us as one.

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