Gary Beckman and I were introduced to each other in the early 90s because we shared the same interest in "all things spiritual." One day in 1992 he came over, waving a publication he’d brought back from North Carolina and said, "LaFroth! I thought of you when I picked this up!" I said, "What d’ya mean?" I don’t remember his exact response, but he showed me a metaphysical publication. Because I was in the field of communications and producing newsletters for the State of Minnesota at that time, I got it-he was sales, I was editor. I said, "I’ve always dreamed of doing something like this!" Beckman said, "Let’s do it!" But not so fast: It took me a month of fear-driven deliberation before I returned his phone calls about doing the publication. My dream? Too close for comfort, too real. At last, we got together at the Dock Cafe in Stillwater to talk about it. We hashed over many names, all having to do with "leading edge" themes, and Beckman finally said, "How about plain and simple: The Edge?" Of course, that was it. We were off and running at breakneck speed to get our first issue produced in the summer of 1992. I’m thrilled to hear that the original publication’s name is being restored and emphasized. I applaud the success of The Edge/Edge Life and anticipate the work that Tim Miejan and Gary and Insiah Beckman do to produce a fine publication will continue for many years. – Lynn LaFroth, co-founder of The Edge, and currently co-publisher of Essential Wellness newspaper



Debut of The Edge Newspaper in the Upper Midwest, first published as a bimonthly in August/September 1992. For astrologers, its actual creation was two months earlier, on June 9, 1992 at 3:40 p.m. CST in St. Paul, Minn. The Edge’s parent company, Leap Publications, was created earlier that day, at 11:15 a.m.


End of the bimonthly editions. First monthly edition debuts in February.


In January, departure of editor Lynn LaFroth, who went on to create Twin Cities Wellness and Essential Wellness, replaced by current editor Tim Miejan. The Kansas City edition begins in July.


First online presence for The Edge newspaper as


Wisconsin edition begins in July, serving the Madison and Milwaukee metro areas.


In June, the Kansas City edition ends publication after 95 editions, or nearly eight years.

In October, the Wisconsin edition ends publication after 40 editions, just more than three years.

In November, the new magazine format is unveiled, serving as a single edition for all regions in which it will now be distributed. A new Edge Life brand is created for the magazine, website and expos.


Establishment of the Fargo Holistic Expo and new distribution of Edge Life magazine in Fargo, N.D.


Celebration of The Edge’s 15th anniversary in September with a new redesign of the magazine.

Establishment of new distribution of Edge Life magazine in Des Moines, Iowa, in anticipation of the Iowa Holistic Expo in 2008.



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