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    2012 Atlantean Revelations: Becoming a Mystic in a 9 to 5 World (TOSA Publishing, www.tosapublishing.com, 2007) 326 pages, $26.95.

    From the moment you first see the cover until the last page of the book, 2012 Atlantean Revelations: Becoming a Mystic in a 9 to 5 World is a multidimensional, consciousness-shifting, ride of reawakening. Bestselling authors Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa co-create with the Archangelic Realm a work that satisfies on all levels of being: romance, intrigue, life-altering lessons and information for the already occurring global shift, all from a galactic perspective that is unique and expansive and applicable to our lives right here and now.

    Following up on their highly acclaimed books-Sacred Union: The Journey Home, and 2012: You Have a Choice!-Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa continue to deepen their discourse with readers and the Archangelic Realm alike. Though this book strongly stands alone, it is also the third of a promised nine-part series on Self-Ascension, the core of the teachings this mystical couple has received directly from the Archangelic Realm. In Sacred Union, we saw how the teachings and truth of living an awakened life transformed Sri and Kira, and in 2012 You Have a Choice! we were introduced to a powerful past and present line of energetic remembrance. In this third book, Sri and Kira tell us that the planet is now ready and open to receive some very powerful information and proceeds to challenge, uplift and reconnect the reader on every level of being. 2012 Atlantean Revelations blows the top off of everything that’s out there today on the subject of 2012, Atlantis, past lives and what it means to be living an enlightened life.

    In Part One: Cosmic Origins and Revelation, we are treated to an almost novelic approach to lives many of us shared on Su’Laria, the original Atlantis that took place on Mars. We are drawn into the romance, intrigue and political maneuverings of the time, while having deep and profound remembrances and reactions to what is being shared. We learn about our Galactic history, the story of our dance with density, and in the process can begin to resolve many of the energies that may have been traveling with us for eons.

    In Part Two: Claiming Your Divinity, we engage in twelve lessons of reconnection to the Self-Ascended state, which include Archangelic discourse, affirmations and amazing visuals meant to tap into our core selves in a multi-sensory way. These lessons were not what I was expected. They are not mental, intellectual or linear. They are not "practices" that need to be done a certain amount of time, or words that need to be said in a certain way. They are underlying energetic underpinnings that keep us tied to the density world and must be resolved. They go to the root of how we operate, and gently challenge and open up our thinking. The result is subtle and yet powerful.

    In Part Three: Finding Your Right Mind in a Left Brain World, the authors transfer all that is learned into our everyday lives. This book is, after all, about "becoming a mystic in a nine to five world," not transcending or denying anything. As in previous books by Sri and Kira, I find myself in the middle of mind-blowing conversations before my mind can put up any barriers, and most importantly, I am given complete permission to explore any possibility or feeling that I might have, about anything. There is no right or wrong in this level of consciousness, it all simply is.

    Probably one of the most important aspects of this book, particularly in relation to the broader New Age and New Thought movement today, is that these may very well be the first teachings that lead us to a complete reawakening of our self-proclaimed mastery, and also lift us beyond the trappings and confines of the mental and intellectual realm where most of our struggles and searching is contained. By moving above and beyond the inherent limitations we have been taught by almost every belief system on the planet, we are able to rediscover our own truth. And by doing so, the possibility and reality of that which we are able to experience is exponentially increased. Instead of talking about multidimensionality, we are living it.

    This book opens the door to the deepest part of ourselves, allowing us to remember, reconnect and heal the cycles of pain and uncertainty that have been going on for thousands of years-and we are ready to consciously and responsibly embark on our true Soul’s Mission. The story, the illustrations, the lessons, and particularly the chapter on "Galactic Contact," are not what I expected and more expansive than anything written on the subjects of 2012, reincarnation or Archangelic discourse today.



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