The Edge truly was on the "edge" in the exploration of spirituality, particularly at its inception. The publication courageously brings spirituality issues to the public, explores consciousness concepts and provides resources. The outgrowth has been a sense of community for those focused on spiritual growth. I send a huge thank you to The Edge for your contributions to enhancing the greater spiritual community in the Twin Cities. — Betsy George, St. Louis Park, MN

    Congratulations on the Edge Life 15th anniversary. May the Edge Life have many, many, many more wonderful years. Blessings and Love. — Leela Ugarol, Minneapolis, MN

    When I first became interested in spirituality and healing, I happened upon a magazine called The Edge. There, I found a resource that was helpful beyond words. From the Edge Life Expo to the topics that continually make me think, to finding people that I eventually chose to work with, it has helped bring a sense of peace to my life. I also want to personally thank The Edge for all the times they wrote about my CD releases and musical events. I have been the recipient of many articles that not only helped promote my music, but brought to me a new audience that heard me with an open heart in a way I never experienced before. To Gary, Insiah, and all the staff at Edge Life, God Bless you and thank you for all you have done for our community and for me. — Patty Peterson, Minneapolis, MN

    The Edge is a lifeline for the metaphysical and healing community. We have read it since day one. It is a superb outlet for finding what we need to feed our body and soul. As soon as we opened our store, we called The Edge to have it available for all who want to explore beyond the mundane. We love you, Edge. — Susan & Gail of Bellaluna Boutique, Hopkins, MN

    The Edge gets the word around about a world of metaphysical gifts and opportunities that are open to all of us, and that’s no small feat! — Janice Carlson, Eden Prairie, MN

    Connection. That’s the main role Edge Life has had in my life. I read Edge Life for years in Madison when I lived there, and when I first moved to the Twin Cities four years ago, this newspaper was something that felt like home to me-and it still does. Each month brings me closer to a higher level of consciousness and awareness, and keeps me connected with happenings in the Twin Cities and beyond. — Stacy Lewis, St. Paul, MN

    The Edge has educated me as to the wealth of talents in our area and learning opportunities. It is my connection to knowing that my "different" beliefs are shared by others, that I am not alone. The Edge also keeps me informed when special events are happening so that I can experience them and expand my knowledge base. Thank you, Edge Life, for enriching my life. — Jean Carlstrom, Andover, MN

    Congratulations are in order for your 15 years of dedication for a fabulous IDEA that is so useful for everyone. It has helped me know there are so many alternatives, making life easier and more livable. — Donalene Caligiuri, 90, Minneapolis, MN

    I moved from Southern California to Minnesota in September 2000 and started running a small ad in The Edge in April 2001. I have been advertising with them faithfully since then. Edge Life Magazine and Expos have been a major source to why I am prospering so well. I wouldn’t dream of ever stopping my ads in their paper or to stop doing their Expos. They contribute immensely to assisting me to grow and to prosper. I am so glad I have them to assist me. Thank you to the Staff at Edge Life. I am so happy I have your help. — Deborah Lynn11, Stillwater, MN

    I have found the Edge to be an invaluable resource: powerful articles, an easy way to find spiritual and healing resources, and an affordable place to advertise my own services. Having moved to the Twin Cities from a big East Coast city that couldn’t keep a paper like the Edge in business, I don’t take it for granted! — Lynn Woodland, Minneapolis, MN

    The Edge has been a huge part of my life for many years. It’s been the catalyst for my spiritual growth and has caused me to meet and grow with like-minded people. — Leah Hetzel, Minneapolis, MN

    I can thank the Edge for helping me to find my dream job. The Dwelling in the Woods advertises in your magazine and that is how I found it, and now I am the Director. Thank you for all your wonderful articles and for touching so many lives. Peace and Blessings. — Judy Kreag, Director of The Dwelling in the Woods, McGrath, MN

    I came to the Twin Cities twelve years ago to start a brand-new chapter of my life. I found the Edge within about a month of moving here to the area, and through the years it has enriched my life tremendously. Being a member of Self Realization Fellowship, I found it so refreshing to have a "homegrown" source of spiritual inspiration and positive news. I salute the Edge Life staff for their 15 years of great work and for their part in dispelling the darkness! — Eric Vance Walton, St. Paul, MN

    In my spiritual search for myself, I found this newspaper at selected stands in Madison quite a few years ago. I didn’t always frequent those places so missed it when I didn’t get to that side of town. Eventually, it came to a coffee shop that I frequented, and I was able to get it on a regular basis. Now, that I have moved from Madison, I read the internet version. What I miss on the internet version are the many advertisements for practitioners, places of gathering, and the many workshops and classes. Not that I would attend them, but the Twin Cities area is a thriving spiritual center; and I loved considering whether I would attend. In the meantime, the Expo has been a major part of my and my now husband’s life for the past 5 years. We have attended annually, fully enjoy it, and were even invited to the presenters’ party by Insiah last year. My husband must have made an impression with Insiah! — Terri Sorg and Jeff Eden, Lyndon Station, WI

    Coincidentally, The Edge was founded by Gary Beckman in 1992, the same year in which I moved from Austria to Minnesota. In 1993, I married Lisa, and she showed me a copy. In 1994, I called editor Lynn LaFroth to ask her if she would be interested in an article that I intended to write on an upcoming topic. Not knowing me, she nevertheless expressed trust in my abilities. My article appeared in The Edge the following month. This bond of trust between The Edge and myself still exists to this very day, 15 years and several dozen articles, poems and cartoons later. I still regard The Edge as "my home platform." There is a kinship of intent, an alignment of purpose between the two of us. I think it has to do with a goodwill toward life, toward all people, toward all forms of life. In the movie The Dark Crystal, there are two opposing peoples: the Kecksis and the Mystics. The Kecksis sustain themselves from life energy drained by force from other creatures. The Mystics’ attitude is toward well-being and growth of all creatures. They nourish themselves by giving kindness and free space to all. I count The Edge and myself in the corner of the Mystics. — E. Johannes Soltermann, St. Paul, MN

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    Tim Miejan
    Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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