We’re Traveling to Meet Our Challenges

    Recently I heard someone say, "The last place you want to be is in a first class seat heading where you don’t want to go." That is, in my opinion, a thought worth pondering at this time in Earth’s history. When I asked my guides, the light collective, what they thought, they said, "Your country is in that seat, Kathryn."

    All of us in the United States, no matter how poor we may think we are, are traveling through time in first class seats. Last January I was privileged to visit Kenya. It is a land of incredible beauty and power and, of course, great poverty. We laughingly joked that the locals viewed tourists as "wallets on legs." Our wealth is beyond their comprehension.

    I am not one to glamorize poverty. If I lived in poverty I would not see it as noble. I would be the first one to want a television and indoor plumbing. And certainly everyone deserves a safe source of drinking water and an adequate amount of food.

    I also know that, except for spending a lot of money while traveling, there isn’t a great deal I personally can do about third world poverty. What I do have control over is my own life. And I want to make sure I am heading (spiritually) in the direction that I want to go. I don’t want to return to Spirit just to discover that I spent this lifetime in a very nice environment without accomplishing much of anything.

    We are entering one of our planet’s most significant cycles in thousands of years. I believe many of us chose to incarnate on this planet during this time for that reason. Maybe we are just adrenaline junkies. Or maybe we have some part to play in the upcoming events.

    You will hear a lot about 2012 in the next five years. A lot of what you hear may be frightening. I am certainly not an expert on Mayan prophecy nor do I have a 100 percent accurate crystal ball. But, I do trust my guides. And I plan on asking them for help in making sure that I am doing all I can to prepare for my place in the new cycle.

    The light collective has said, "If Earth is a school, then 2012 is a graduation time." I don’t believe the Earth will end in that year nor do I believe it will become a Heaven on Earth. There already is a Heaven. And it isn’t here. We came to Earth to learn and grow and we will return to Spirit when we are ready to take a little break.

    So, if that is true, what will our graduation look like? The light collective uses that word to indicate a transition. Like a graduation from high school, we will venture forth each on our own path. Some of us may go on to further learning. Some of us may find a new job. Others may take an extended vacation. All of these paths are perfect…as long as we head down our paths with intention and direction.

    2012 will challenge us to decide where we want to go. We are among the elite. We are traveling on a first class ticket. Very few of us really need to worry about obtaining food, water and shelter. With that comes the responsibility of being conscious, awake and alive. Grab your passports, comfortable shoes and sunscreen and prepare for the adventure of many a lifetime.



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