Why an Auric Detox is Vital to our Health


    However considerate-or not-we are towards our bodies, virtually everyone these days is aware of the damage caused by toxins. They are in what we eat and are often unavoidable-sugars, salt, fats and food additives; there are harmful chemicals in the air we breathe and often in the water we drink.

    There is also the ever-worsening pollution of the environment by electrical and magnetic fields (EMFs) that disturb the natural functioning of the body’s systems.

    Miraculously, but not surprisingly, the body has its own built-in detox abilities that it exercises through the digestive and other systems, including the urinary system, the blood, the lymphatic system and the skin.

    The key organ in this regard is the liver which can take a terrible pounding but has an amazing resilience. That’s not to say that its functioning doesn’t get slowed down by the sheer volume of what it is asked to do. When that happens, the effect on our well-being is felt immediately.

    Of course, we already know most of this. There are books by the hundreds on the subject.

    What’s missing in detox programs that focus on the physical is the subtle energy factor, a very important element. I also wonder how many people realize that our own negative thoughts and beliefs can often be just as toxic to the body as any chemical additive.

    Dealing with my first point (although both are absolutely related), why should the energetic/spiritual factor matter? Because it gives us the opportunity to be fully in tune with our bodies at every level. When we can truly appreciate the body as our own private sacred space in this lifetime, we add a whole new dimension to the way we look at health-and happiness.

    Think of the body as a complete symphony with all its parts making up the various sounds of the orchestra. The heart sets the rhythm with its constant regular drumbeat that initiates and powers the resonant frequencies of all the cells and organs.

    If you listen carefully to the pulsation of each organ, you will notice any discordance that exists. This can take a bit of practice, best done in a meditative state, but it is quite palpable. You are tuning in to the rhythm of life. Rarely is our orchestra in complete harmony, but by bringing our conscious awareness to each part of the body, we can find the missing notes.

    We can then return these parts to their natural resonant frequencies by resolving the issues that interfere with the flow of life and therefore stifle their functionality, leading to ill health. Each time we find a solution to a psychological situation by surrendering our limited perspective and bringing dualistic opposites together in wholeness, our entire energy field-or aura-shifts.

    There is a flowing of the life force through the field, an erasing of the duality, a letting go of toxins, a cleansing of the body and field-in other words an energetic and physical detox.

    All that is easier said than done, you might feel. And you’d be right. Letting go of the negative beliefs that we’ve put in place since childhood to protect us from life’s injustices is invariably difficult and rarely something we can do alone. The support of an experienced healer/teacher who understands the complex relationship between health and belief systems is a real necessity.

    There is no easy way to educate the ordinary person into understanding that, from the holistic perspective, the physical cannot remain healthy unless the emotional does too. There has to be a willingness on their part to look beyond the quick fix to the root cause.

    This is happening in many countries. More and more people are realizing that the body, mind and emotion are completely inter-related. Every healing I have given has included all the levels of our being as well as our intentionality or purpose, spirituality, higher mind, higher will, relational issues with others as well as ourselves, and how we take care of our bodies.

    Physical illness invariably relates to an unmet need that usually goes back to the very early years when the child was not sufficiently nurtured, loved or acknowledged. Once the child is taught neglect and self-rejection in this way, it repeats the habit throughout adulthood. Repeated emotional injury eventually becomes physical.

    For example, a person with a pancreatic problem will have experienced a lack of sweetness in early life. Not knowing true sweetness, such a person will seek the sweetness elsewhere. So he deliberately takes in toxins. The world is full of sugar!

    Because energy healing works directly on the pathways between our emotions and our physical bodies, it results in our learning to meet our true needs.

    So what can we do by way of a simple self-help exercise to clear and recharge the energy field and therefore help with the detox process? You can start by bending and unbending the knees while standing feet apart with your back straight. As you bend the knees, stretch your arms out front, palms down, and breathe out. As you rise, and bring your arms close in to your body and breathe in.

    You can add the visualization of colors to this exercise. Breathe them in from the earth through your feet and hands and from the air around you as you rise-and out again as you bend. Start with red, seeing the whole balloon of your aura fill with that color, then breathe it out. Do this several times before moving on to orange, yellow, green, light blue, violet/indigo and white, each color representing the major chakras.

    This is a great beginning but only a beginning. The process of detoxifying the aura and the body, bringing them both into blissful harmony, can be long and at times painful as we deal with the many emotional issues that diminish the life force. But the journey back to inner and outer health, to love, to living our passion, is a glorious one. It is, after all, the purpose of the soul.

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    Barbara Brennan
    Barbara Brennan, Ph.D., is a world-renowned spiritual leader, healer, educator and the best-selling author of Hands of Light, Light Emerging, and the inspirational Seeds of the Spirit series of poetic channelings. She is the founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe, global healing institutes where students from around the world study her unique modality of healing through the human energy field. Dr. Brennan's newest school, Barbara Brennan School of Healing Japan, opens in September 2007. For more information, please visit www.barbarabrennan.com. Copyright © 2007 Barbara Brennan, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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