A Cup of Coffee

    I read extensively about spiritual issues, theories, ideas and pathways. I am a seeker of Truth. For weeks I had been working, in spiritual terms, on the issue of abundance. The various theories had been confounding me at this particular time. I had been trying to own the idea that I was part of Universal Love, and therefore included in the flow of supply. I had doubts. I was feeling that somehow I had been forgotten.

    In this state of mind, I drove to the hospital to visit my Aunt. I decided to stop for a cup of coffee on the way to her room. It was Sunday morning; few people were in the halls. The cafeteria personnel were in the process of setting up for the day, stocking the coolers and hot-food islands. I filled a "to go" coffee cup with decaf, added too much low-fat milk, turned back to add a little more coffee, then looked for an open register.

    A man had been at the coffee stand as I fumbled with my balancing act. He got his coffee and went to the open register. I followed and waited. The cashier asked if I was with him; he said, "No, no." Then something seemed to occur to him, and he told her he was alone but would buy my coffee. I was startled at this unexpected act of generosity and thanked him. He just said for me to pass it on and walked away.

    As I walked out of the cafeteria, I looked at my cup of coffee, which was ordinary enough, and suddenly felt that this cup was precious. The air around me filled with a sensation of warmth. I knew this cup of coffee was Universal Love in action. Whether or not he knew it, the perfect stranger had been the perfect bearer of assurance of perfect love. The cup was a symbol of infinite loving supply, an assurance that I was included in the heart of God. I held in my hand a touch of holiness.

    The cup was paper and could be recycled, but I keep it as a reminder that kindness from a stranger can cycle into a new expression of joy.



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