A preview of new works of note


Life Changing Dreams

Noted author Gay Hendricks shares the conversation that changed his life and the powerful, yet simple process he discovered for turning your dreams into reality in his new book Five Wishes ($18, New World Library). After hearing Hendricks tell the story, Neale Donald Walsch virtually commanded him to turn the story into a book. "It’s got a powerful new discovery that I predict will make a great deal of difference in your life," Walsch says.

Crop Circle Documentary

One of the few feature-length documentaries on the mystery of crop circle, Star Dreams ($19.95, Sacred Mysteries), presents images of the crop circles and interviews with top circle researchers on assumptions of hoaxing, balls of light sacred site connections, and media and public reaction to the phenomena. Learn the basic understanding of crop circles as we know it now.


Visionary Inspiration

Calling this the "transition generation," author Constance Kellough believes we are now awakening like never before to our spiritual nature. In her book, The Leap ($15.95, Hampton Roads) Kellough offers an inspiring text designed to to be read not by our mind, but by our heart and spirit. Take a leap into global oneness by exploring chapters on stillness, the "inner knower" and divine love. The book shows us that we are far from alone.

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