Living a Heart-centered Life


    Life is challenging. It is filled with ups and downs. People are afflicted with illness. They suffer psychologically and emotionally. Job worries, relationship problems, family strife-rarely, does a person make it through life without being confronted by disturbances of the heart. Difficulty it seems is a part of the human condition. Yet, somewhere within all of us lies a place that is not troubled. It isn’t fearful, anxious or vexed. The maniacal comings and goings of modern life don’t touch here. The hurried ten-minute lunches eaten at our desks, and our frenzied rush to make it to our children’s after-school events, these feverish mental states don’t penetrate into this space.

    Where is this place of calm, this bastion of solace?

    It lies deep within us, deep within our own heart. Our hearts are a place of refuge. They are a berth, a comforting spot where we can lie back and retreat from the disturbing issues that distract and perplex us.

    Our hearts also contain wisdom. They have a unique intelligence, what can be called "heart intelligence" that can guide us. We all know this knowledge. We’ve all experienced this wisdom. It’s the "gut feeling" you have that makes you feel queasy about a person who doesn’t have your best interests in mind. It’s the subtle intuition that pops up into your consciousness periodically. If you listen to them, they will lead you correctly.

    The trouble is we don’t always listen to our hearts. We’re too busy. We run here. We rush there. We live our lives on the outside, centering our thoughts and feelings outward, searching for the answers to what perplexes us. When what we really should be doing is shifting out attention inward.

    If we can learn to live what I call a heart-centered life, then many of the problems that trouble us can be lessoned. We can learn to overcome the inner frenzy that grips so many of us. Anxiety, despair and lack of joyousness-many of the psychological issues that seem so prevalent in these hectic times can be overcome. Their overpowering grip can be loosened from our psyches.

    The key to Living a heart-centered Life is to find the time to make a deep heart connection. We have to discover ways to slow down our lives and really explore the depths within. Reflection, contemplation, journaling, prayer, meditation-these are just some of the methods that can be beneficial in finding our heart’s center. It isn’t always what we do, but do we do it?

    You can overcome the challenges of your life. You can find the peace, joy and comfort you deserve. If you choose you can learn to live and move from a heart-centered place, a space that will give you what you need. Why wait? Begin the process now.

    Dr. Laman will teach a one-day workshop: "Living a Heart-centered Life" on Saturday, Oct. 20, at Pathways. The workshop will teach how to live and move more from the heart. Based on the mystical heart healing methods of Sufism, participants will learn how to incorporate these powerful methods into their own psychological and spiritual framework. People from any faith, creed, or belief system can benefit. Call 612.822.9061 for further information.

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    Kirk Laman, D.O., F.A.C.C., is an author, public speaker and healer/pastor with a passion for helping people improve their heart health. Dr. Laman also is a board-certified cardiologist and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. His special interest is in helping people heal the emotional and psychological issues that trouble their heart. Dr. Laman's widely acclaimed book, How to Heal Your Broken Heart, [] is designed to help people struggling with issues of the heart. Go to: for further information. Visit his blog at Copyright © 2007 Kirk Laman, D.O. All Rights Reserved.


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