Lynn Young, Interview

Lynn Young will present "What If?" at 3-5:00 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, at Minneapolis Convention Center. Advance tickets are $31 available at or $37 at the door.

What if everything you know is an illusion? What if you woke up in your life and the only thing that could be was the truth? Are you ready for it? Lynn Young, author of Being, is the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of highly intuitive women. She is a wise and insightful mystic noted for her incredibly accurate, in-depth readings. The information Lynn brings forward is from the Enlightened Masters and each individual’s Higher Self, thus allowing people to get the information needed to move forward in their lives.

Thirteen years ago, Lynn received a gift from the universe: She became a full-body channel for "G," an omniscient being of Divine Light who has come here to reawaken the knowledge of how to walk the master path that we have hidden from ourselves for thousands and thousands of years. Lynn’s transformational company, Master Paths LLC, sponsors seminars, workshops and classes that teach people how to transcend the human matrix, shed the religious matrix and reclaim the spiritual life that is a birthright. The foundation of this knowledge is the Enlightened Principles revealed by "G." Lynn is an ordained minister with degrees in Communications and Art. She lives in Minneapolis, MN.

The topic of what you’re going to be talking about is, "What if?" And it is related to "What if everything is an illusion?" Please go into a little more detail about what that means?
Lynn Young:
What if everything that we believe to be the truth about our life is not true? And what if our journey is really to discover the real story about us? It relates to waking up. We tend to walk asleep a lot of times. We tend to walk around aimlessly in life, letting life happen to us instead of us having more to do with what’s happening in life. We fall under a false pretense that our life is a certain way-and it’s not.

We tend to follow things without really discovering what something really is all about. Who are we as spiritual beings? What is the next level of evolution? Where are we going from this point? And, when you wake up, it’s like all of a sudden you’re out of this illusion. All of a sudden, you’re standing there and it’s like, "Now what? What’s next? What’s the next turn in life?"

Just imagine, "What if?" And that opens so many doors. What if it’s an illusion? What if my truth isn’t my truth. "What if" really says to the world: "You know what? I’m curious, and I’m willing to take a look at what’s around the corner." To me, people who aren’t afraid to look usually become very enlightened in the journey.

"Don’t be afraid to look" would be my motto. Take a chance and take a leap, because all you have is you, and you can always change your mind tomorrow or even in the next moment.

What is the first step?
LY: I think the first step is to forget and let go of anything you think you know about what life is. You have to take that first leap of faith to let go of everything you know. That’s a scary step. Most people hold very dearly to what they think they know. Let go of what you think you know and come at your life with this desire to learn and to discover the new self.

When you were saying that I was thinking about quantum physics and about how our eyes only see a partial spectrum of what is in front of us.
LY: Our eyes are false to us. Our eyes feed us a false image. You can’t see Spirit, yet we believe it exists. There are dimensions and levels of things that are not visible to the human eye. We have to start preparing ourselves to shed that matrix, to shed that image within ourselves that says, "This is the truth." Well, what is truth? Can anybody really define what truth is? If it’s an illusion, then we have a false truth-so the idea is to forget everything you know and look at things as an illusion and try to see past them.

So, the first step is unknowing what you think you know? And then you begin a journey of self-awareness?
LY: Right. Start by figuring out who you are, not what people have defined you to be. People who know you would say, "Tim Miejan, he’s an editor." That’s not Tim Miejan. That’s what Tim Miejan does. Tim Miejan is a very profound spirit who has things in this journey that he’s going to be a part of.

It’s like a puzzle piece. And I don’t think we’ve figured out what our piece of the puzzle is yet in the big scheme of things.

We’re all puzzle pieces trying to figure out how we connect together.
LY: Correct! And until we start connecting, like you said, on the quantum level that says, "I’m throwing away this view of life, this phantom I keep looking at. I am throwing it away, knowing that every time I look at it that it’s an illusion. I know this is an illusion." As you start doing that, you actually start seeing the truth. You start seeing the universal truths of existence.

The goal is to not to get rid of our human piece, but to shed the illusion of the human and let it take us to the next level.

Your book, Being, came out last year. Share with us a brief summary of it.
LY: Being is about things that are our birthright in life. We’re a co-creator, we’re unconditionally loved, and we have absolute absolution. In my understanding of the journey, there is no wrong. There’s only opportunity to learn. When a person makes a "mistake," so to speak, it’s really not a mistake. It’s just another level of evolution. It’s a new learning process to move past things.

My book talks about our birthright as a spiritual being having a human experience. Each one of us is Unique Soul Energy (USE), our USE of God energy. My book explores what we do with this Unique Soul Energy. What is it? Who is it? And then I talk about intention. What is the intention of this road of life? Where do we go to the next level in our own understanding? And then I share how everything is in the moment, that everything is now, and that the past and the future is not ours to define. The past is history. It’s our information, our data. And the future…well…I like to believe that is God’s playground, a place where all infinite possibilities reside.

Like our dreams.
LY: Yes, our dreams and our goals. This place of now is all we really have, and it’s the only place you can co-create with God, co-create with the Universe and co-create in existence. We even co-create together as human consciousness. That’s what it’s about.

The last part of the book is about God-realization. The journey of being is about finding who you are, the journey of self-realization, and once you figure out who you are, then you can move to the next level-God-realization. We’re all striving to become God realized.

I have two more books in the works. The second book is called, The Truth, and my third book is called, Comes the Light. When you put the three books together, they read: "Being the Truth Comes the Light." I will have The Truth done this fall, and Comes the Light will be done next year.

You have been at the last two Minnesota Expos and at the Fargo Holistic Expo. What has been your experience at the Expos as a relatively new channeler out in the public?
LY: I channeled "G" the first year when I was at the Expo and I channeled him the second year. But when I went to Fargo, I didn’t channel him. Instead I got up and spoke and shared from my personal experience.

The expos have given me an amazing chance to be a part of this new community, and I’m very excited about the experience. I love the expos. Because I was not channeling, I feel like Fargo was my debut. I packed the house. People were standing against the wall, sitting on the floor, every chair was full. I’d never experienced that before. It was new to me, despite the fact that I am not new to the journey. I’ve channeled "G" now for 14 years.

I am going to Des Moines for the Iowa Holistic Expo. I’m going to go wherever Edge Life will let me go. I’ll be there. I love it. My colleagues at the expos are incredibly gifted. Echo Bodine. Kathryn Harwig. I feel very honored to be a part of that group of people. I’m very much honored, to say the least. It’s been amazing to watch and to be a part of the experience.

Why do you do what you do?
LY: Somebody asked me that a while ago, and I said, "You know there’s nothing else I can do." I am the only channel for "G" that I know of. He said that he will only channel through me. His message is so important, and people need to hear that it’s okay, that they’re not failures, that they’re not a mistake, that they’re worth every moment that they’re here, that they’re a gift, and that they need to find themselves and find their life. "G" teaches and brings to the world messages on unconditional love. I think this is very desperately needed in the world, and I’m very honored that he’s asked me to do this and be a part of it.

Remind us briefly who "G" is.
LY: "G" is an omniscient being of Divine light that came to me in 1993. It was an incredible experience. If you had asked me if I was going to be doing this, God knows how many years ago, I’d have laughed at you. "G" is very loving. Most people say he’s very endearing. Once you meet him, he’s very funny. He has a great sense of humor, and I only am hearing this through other people, because I am a full-body channel, so I am not present to it when he’s there.

Has he ever been in body himself?
LY: No. Passing through his energy, I know that it is a loving energy. In fact, I would like to stay in its presence. I have asked, "Can I just stay here?" And he’s like, "No, you can’t do that."

How do people respond to the channeling?
LY: I’ve had mixed reviews. A lot of people say, "I’ve heard this before. This is just same stuff, different day." But, one of the things I’ve learned from people who have heard "G" and have talked with "G" is that it makes a difference if you experience him more than once. What people say is that his teachings are a scaffolding. He takes you to a level and then he adds more to it, and he adds more to it.

What’s important is that he is taking us to the next level of how to apply what we’ve been hearing about. That’s what is different from anything that I’ve ever experienced.

Has "G" indicated how long he plans to present information or what the big picture is in terms of his teaching on the planet?
LY: "G" told me that when he becomes more important than the message that he brings, he’s no more. He doesn’t want to be worshipped. It’s about finding God within yourself, and finding that ability to be God-like in daily life. He said that he’s preparing us for 2012 and beyond. He said that 2012 is really about a serious awakening to a lot of things in life. It’s not scary, it’s beautiful, and he said that as long as people are awake and willing to go to the next level of their own evolution, then the possibilities are endless for us as we transform our life, our planet, our journey.

What do you personally want to achieve in your lifetime?
LY: I want to find my own self-realized, God-realized journey in a way in which I am honoring to all humans and all animals. I’m very human, and I would never claim myself to be greater than anyone else.

We all have a piece of the puzzle, and we have to fit that piece into the whole. If that piece of the puzzle’s missing, it’s like falling into a hole-and then people get lost and wander for a little bit. Then, all of a sudden they climb out and they’re on the next puzzle of the journey. We’re all masters and we all have our master piece of the puzzle. Once we put it in, the students become the teachers. Part of what we’re forgetting is that we’re masters and students at the same time.



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