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    HUMA, owned by Mary Kay Janssen, Psychic Medium, and Warren Holland, Master Healer, 101 N. Jefferson, New Ulm, MN 56073, 507.766.1555

    Mary Kay has been doing psychic medium work for 12+ years. In August 2006, she moved to a downtown office location. During the last year, she has been working with Warren to incorporate this new energy with each of their abilities, and this Divinely guided combination is what created HUMA. Since August 2007, these gifts through HUMA have been available to anyone called to experience them.

    HUMA is a method of healing that is divinely guided, amplified and interpreted. Mary Kay Janssen explains that HUMA is a unique method of healing. Its energy can be life changing, and it will bring out the spiritual or physical gift that you have within you. Other services include contacting loved ones through mediumship, past life regressions, missing persons investigations, ghost communications and releasing.

    "You may need mediumship to help lift the grief of losing a loved one," she says, "or you may need assistance to calm or remove a ghost that is causing some discomfort in your home or disturbing your family members. You may need to find answers about someone who is missing or questions that have plagued your mind. You may have a physical problem that can’t seem to heal or one that seems mysterious in nature. You may feel that you are psychic or have seen and experienced unexplained things and need reassurance."

    Mary Kay and Warren have worked diligently to create the most comprehensive service available. Because of this partnership, not only can you receive intuitive information, but also Divine grace and healing.

    Clients will feel the love, peace and comfort as they enter the process. Those who come for a HUMA session will be given a brief overview of what will take place. Clients will be gently guided into meditation to increase the flow of energy. "As you focus on personal issues," Mary Kay says, "you will be asked to focus on other people in your life that you have care or concern for. Following the meditation is when you will receive the information necessary for you to keep this energy working for you. You will get information by examples of other people and hearing about their stories, or you will get direct information that is simply guided. We believe that the energy is Divinely guided and that you will hear and know what is the most important issue to work on." Sessions that involve past-life regression, intuitive classes and workshops are usually done in group settings.

    "This business evolved because it was time to give what was asked, to share what was given, and to assist where it was needed," Mary Kay Janssen says. "The energy of HUMA was created to enlighten all those who wish to partake in it. When people are ready to heal and give healing, then the door opens for those who are ready to enter. HUMA is not just a place. It is a feeling. It is an energy. You will walk away knowing that your life will never be as it was. But your life can be what you create for it."



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